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Sophia backpacking in South-East Asia

Wondering what Sophia Myles is up to at the moment? The Daily Mail has the scoop:

Lady Penelope leaves her pink Rolls behind as she goes on a backpacking adventure

‘I have ticked a lot of those material aspiration boxes – I’ve been in big movies, I’ve bought a house. But at the end of the day inner peace is the most important thing,’ says vicar’s daughter Sophia, 29, who appeared in the 2004 Thunderbirds film.

‘I’m going backpacking to Thailand on my own, and I hope to get across to Cambodia. I haven’t planned anything. I’ve just booked a ticket, and I’ll see what happens.

‘I would have been quite scared to do it ten years ago, but now is the time. I’m doing it on my own. It could be a really liberating adventure’

Isn’t this fabulous?! It makes me want to go on a similar adventure myself!

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  1. Once again Sophia shows us she’s not your average movie star, out for fame and fortune. Hope she has a wonderful experience!

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