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Birthday Letter from Sophia

Hello People….

It’s 6.30am and I have just woken up. It’s my birthday today. I am 30. WOO HOO!
I have 2 hours before a car picks me and takes me to a secret location in London to film scenes on a tube train.
It’s fun being back in front of the camera…. (more will be revealed).

I wanted to write today to say thank you to all the ASM members for their Birthday wishes.
It’s heartwarming to read your posts and I hope you are all well and happy.

Also to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone involved in making my beautiful keepsake book for Moonlight. Special thanks again to Lee Ann Gradwell.
I spoke to Alex O’loughlin last night and he is eagerly awaiting
the arrival of his keepsake book.
He informs me that he is shooting his new show. He’s tanned, he’s toned and he’s getting his tits out in Hawaii! We shall never forget the magic of Moonlight. (See photo)

I need to make coffee at this point so I bid you all farewell.
Spring is upon us so enjoy!

I’ll be in touch…

Sophia xxx

Thank you so much Sophia for getting in touch and may you have a wonderful day! Lots of love, laughter and sunshine to you!

37 Comments on “Birthday Letter from Sophia”

  1. reading his post, I had tears in my eyes (now I’m happy) she is too sweet, she is too great, she is too everything. MY ADMIRATION for her grow, she is formidable.
    I wish her a very happy Birthday with what she wants.
    Je vous adore
    Bisous de France

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sophia!!!!…
    Keep up the good work! A star should never stop shinning… even Myles away…

  3. *wipes tears off*
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Gosh, I’m so happy she wrote! How can she be so amazing and gorgeous?!
    I’m really happy to hear she and Alex keep in touch, that’s so great 🙂


  4. Happy Birthday Sophia! I hope this is the start of a wonderful year. Loved seeing you at the Paley Moonlight event almost two years ago. I flew all the way to LA from Philadelphia to see you all. I still remember your comment that Moonlight was like finding a gold ticket in a Wonka bar. I wish you the best. Again Happy Birthday.

  5. Sophia,

    I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to call me personally about the keepsake book. I was honored to get your call and I am beyond pleased that you like the book. A lot of work was put into it to make it extra special; and obviously it came at a very appropriate time since it was your birthday! Thank you again, hope your birthday was wonderful and best wishes in your career.

    Lee Ann Gradwell

  6. Happy, happy 30th…it certainly was one of my favorite birthdays! Wishing you blessings & smiles!!! Celebrate the day = )

  7. Happy birthday dear Sophia. You’re a very special and beautiful lady. I am happy that you and Alex O’Loughlin do keep in touch. Have a very special and fun birthday, Sophia.
    Maureen from New York City.

  8. Happy 30th Birthday Sophia!!!!
    I hope you Have/Had a most Spectacular Day.
    (Sorry this is coming late in the day)
    Hope you enjoy your 30’s and have the “Time of Your Life” .
    They are some of the greatest.years.
    Thank you So much for the wonderful message.
    You are amazing.

  9. Happy Birthday to you from Spain!
    Hope you have a great day!
    Thanks so much for your post.
    I am so happy to know you have a job that you love.
    You sure are the best!

  10. Dear Ms. Myles,
    I would just like to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope you had a great day (and come chocolate cake). I really enjoy and admire your work and I wish you all the best in all your future projects. As a Moonlight fan I won’t pretend to admit I hope it can come back in some way. Happy Birthday!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, from Amsterdam, Holland!
    You’re such a beautiful and talented English Rose!
    I wish you all the best!

  12. Have a very happy birthday Sophia, I hope it has been one that you will remember! It was very kind of you to keep in touch with your fans even on this special day! Enjoy the warmer weather! ( I know I am! )

  13. Happy 30th birthday, Sophia!! Hope it was a wonderful one for you. So glad you received the Moonlight keepsake book. Thanks to Lee Ann for working on them for us and getting it to you. Can’t wait to see what project you have coming up!!

  14. Hi Sophia – Sorry if this is late but Happy Birthday! And congrats on your new project!
    Life begins at 30…didn’t you know? And it just keeps getting better – trust me!
    All the best things to you.
    Warmest wishes,

  15. HI Sophia! A warm birthday greetings to you. Nice to see your birthday message to your fans.How sweet and very down to earth woman. I desperately wish for a moonlight movie to come soon. Nice knowing that you and alex do still communicate. Love lots from japan and philippines fans

  16. Sophia,
    I hope you enjoyed your birthday! Congratulations on your new show, but Britains gain is our loss. I hope you come back to the US to work again. I think it is sweet that you still stay in touch with Alex. I am sure you know, all of us die hard Moonlight fans still hope that one day there will be a movie or mini-series. Good luck GINA

  17. Sophia,
    Wishing you all the best. I’m thrilled that you and Alex keep in touch. You two were a beautiful couple in Moonlight. Congratulations on landing your role in “Spooks”. I will watch for it here in Canada.

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