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New ‘Spooks’ Still And Yet Another Clipping

I replaced some of the scans added in the afternoon with nicer versions – now that I’m on my own computer with access to graphics programs – as well as a new scan from Woman. Also Natalie found the new ‘Spooks‘ still as featured in today’s The Sun (scan added earlier) in a nicer quality on their website.

001 Spooks (2010) > Season 9 > Production Stills
001 Scans from 2010 > Various Clippings

4 Comments on “New ‘Spooks’ Still And Yet Another Clipping”

  1. Thank you for the scans, she looks so tough in the one where she is holding the gun. But does her face look rounder then when she worked on moonlight or is it just the angle, she just looks dfferent to me.

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