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Beth guns for glory

from The Mirror (UK) / by Jane Simon


Spooks BBC1, 9pm

If you’re ever interviewed for a job at Section D and they ask: “Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?” the only correct answer must be: “Dead, most probably.”

And yet Beth Bailey is ever so keen to join. Good thing, too, because actress Sophia Myles is already proving to be a most exciting addition to the Spooks team.

When we first met her last week she was a mercenary cunningly disguised as an Eastern European prostitute, until she broke cover to save Lucas North’s life.

Tonight, in her first job for Section D, she’s undercover again and dodging a hail of machine-gun fire after MI5 get a tip-off that a British oil baron is the subject of an assassination attempt.

That’s another thing Section D doesn’t do – ease new employees in gradually. Has Beth had the Health and Safety talk from HR? Has anyone even shown her where the ladies’ loos are? I doubt it.

It’s just, “Right, in you go, love. Here’s your hidden earpiece. Now go try and sniff out the potential assassin in a crowded lift.”

Still, Beth can handle herself pretty well and her colleagues are about to discover there’s even more to her than meets the eye.

Also joining the show is former Strictly star and Footballers’ Wife Laila Rouass. Lucas (or John, as we might have to start calling him) opens the briefcase that his mysterious old “friend” left him last week and decides to look up an ex-girlfriend named Maya.

It turns out that Horizon isn’t the only programme tonight where people are going to return from the dead…


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