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‘Spooks’ Episode 8 Screencaptures

I can’t believe this year’s series of ‘Spooks‘ is already over! It was an amazing 8 episodes. I admit for obvious reasons I was excited for series 9 like never before for a series of ‘Spooks‘. Still, I can objectively say that it was superb overall. I loved that the show went back to putting multi-layered plots and spy tradecraft above bombs and action. And while I’m still in mourning (not for Sophia’s character, she lives) I thought the tricky character arc of the series was cleverly played out.

Sophia Myles’ character Beth Bailey got one of the most interesting introductions of the show ever and episode 2 explored her background in a unique episode format. Episode 4 saw her learning the ropes and caring for her assett while in episode 5 she got to go undercover and babysit the Palestinean delegation. These to me were standout episodes from a Sophia point of view. While she got to have a few strong moments throughout other episodes her character hasn’t been developed further this series. I can’t wait for 2011 and series 10 to see who Beth Bailey is! Until then, Monday nights will definitely be boring.

Screencap of “SPOOKS Returns 2011” courtesy of Carla, thank you!

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3 Comments on “‘Spooks’ Episode 8 Screencaptures”

  1. Totally agree with you, Mia! I think Beth Bailey was a wonderful addition to Spooks and I’m looking so forward (impatiently) to series 10. I’m already beginning to feel the pains of Sophia withdrawl, lol.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mia for the beautiful screencaps.! Spooks is a truly great show. Loved this series as I’ve pretty much loved them all. Love Sophia on the team.

    Sophia is an exciting actress. She did a fabulous job as Beth Bailey. I’m hoping as you,to see her in “full bloom” in the next series. I’m counting on it!

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