First off, congratulations to the randomly picked winner of the ‘Etienne!‘ contest: Natalie. Enjoy the DVD!

Then apologies for being late in posting this but if you’re in the US it’s important that you check the TV listings of your local PBS affiliate as some are currently airing the 9th season of ‘MI-5‘ (Spooks, Series 9 in the UK) featuring our Sophia as Beth Bailey. Thanks to Richard Armitage Net and Victor I can give you the following info:
WPBA Channel 30 in Atlanta (Fridays at 11pm)
KCTS Channel 9 in Washington State and Canada (Saturdays at 10pm)
UNC TV in North Carolina (Mondays at 10pm, Saturdays at 11 pm)
WUSF Channel 16 in Florida (Tuesdays at 10pm)

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3 Comments to "‘MI-5′ airing in the US"
  1. Felicia says:

    Haven’t missed an episode yet! I catch it on Saturday nights at 11:00 on channel 58 here in North Carolina.

  2. Victor says:

    It’s been airing every Tuesday night at 10:00 on channel 16 in Florida

  3. michlela says:

    tant mieux pour ceux qui auront la chance de voir sophia sur leurs écrans car dans mon pays la france on attend encore!!!
    mais que tous ceux qui l’aiment et je sais qu’ils sont nombreux
    lui fassent savoir combien elle nous manque dans de nouveaux
    spectacles et pourquoi pas avec alex?

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