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Stepping back

After careful and long consideration I decided to step back from running this website after nearly 8 years. I still love Sophia Myles & her work dearly. I simply no longer have the time and motivation to spend a large part of my free time online. While I’ll remain the owner of the site and continue to post on the messageboard it will be Natalie – the new co-owner of the site – who will be around to post news, pictures & videos. I feel confident leaving the site in her hands as she’s a real fan of Sophia and terrific in her capabilities to run a website – as anyone looking at the current layout or anyone familiar with her from the messageboard already knows.

I say goodbye with a laughing and a crying eye and hope you show the same support & appreciation you’ve shown me to Natalie.

7 Comments on “Stepping back”

  1. Although I can’t say I wasn’t upset at the news, I CAN say that I have every confidence that Natalie will do a wonderful job as co-owner! Hopefully she knows that the love and support I’ve given to you all these years will be extended to her as well, Mia.

  2. bonne continuation mia
    je comprends tout a fait votre décision et vous remercie pour tout ce que vous nous avez apporté
    je souhaite la bienvenue à nathalie et lui fait confiance pour nous donner des nouvelles de notre sophia qui sont trop rares

  3. Sad you are going – welcome to Natalie. Lets hope that there will be some new Sophia news very soon x

  4. Mia,
    You will definitely be missed. Thank you for all the fantastic hard work you’ve done over the past 8 years and I hope your future is filled with good luck and love.
    Welcome to Natalie!
    xx Annabelle (Australia)

  5. You’ve been a fantastic advocate for Sophia, Mia. The dedication you’ve put into the site; the support for SM and her fans that you have displayed have been remarkable. Thankyou! Best wishes to Natalie as she takes over the reins. Looking foreward to hearing of new work from Sophia, now she has a different agent on the case, too.

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