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Gallows Hill Wraps First Week of Filming

The cast and crew of Gallows Hill are relaxing after wrapping their first week of filming. As you may have seen, several of the cast and crew have been tweeting on set images, but if you missed them, no problem! They are all in our gallery 🙂

Also, Gallows Hill can now be found on Twitter and Facebook – so be sure to follow and like for all the latest on the project!

4 Comments on “Gallows Hill Wraps First Week of Filming”

  1. Sophia..

    I’ve been lucky enough to watch your journey with this new film, Gallows Hill. I’m so happy you’ve made many new friends along the way as well as being able to work with some wonderful individuals.

    Many thanks to Victor, and the entire crew and cast of this film. Wishing you “all” good luck. I’ll be waiting and hoping for all the best and watching for the release of this new project you’ve undertaken.

    Enjoy your rest. It’s so well deserved.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you at The Chiller Theater in New Jersey Sophia.
    Hiopefully I’ll get the opportunity to meet you. I was lucky enough to get tickets.

    Here’s to hoping you have a great time while you’re there.

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