Sophia has provided the narration for BBC One Panorama documentary ‘Last Chance Academy’

An insight into life at Baverstock Academy in Kings Heath, Birmingham, a ground-breaking school opposed to permanent exclusion that will go to extraordinary lengths to see students make it to the exam hall. This Panorama special follows teachers battling to help disruptive pupils achieve five GCSEs. Last year alone, 146,000 children were excluded from the classroom, 3,900 permanently. For those who end up in referral units less than 2 per cent will achieve a pass at grade C – a figure that highlights a need for change in schools across the country

The documentary airs Wednesday 27th August, 9pm on BBC One (UK).

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3 Comments to "New Project: Last Chance Academy"
  1. Carla says:

    Here’s to hoping your projects make it here in the U.S. Sophia at some point. I miss seeing your beautiful self. Lots of variety, that is truly a good thing . You’re very busy as well. I do love that. You are a wonderful thespian , Let no one tell you differently.

  2. Donna says:

    Sounds like a really Interesting topic. Certainly an important one!

  3. Briptu says:

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