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Press Release: Dracula

1 December 2006   |   Written by BBC

Marc Warren stars as the maleficent Count Dracula in this stylish, sexy and erotic new re-working of Bram Stoker’s classic chiller.

Lord Holmwood is marrying his sweetheart Lucy, but he hides a terrible secret. He has syphilis, so cannot consummate the marriage without infecting his bride. Desperate to find a cure, he seeks out an occult priest, Singleton, who tells him of a legendary being with extraordinary powers who lives in Transylvania – Count Dracula. If Dracula could be persuaded to come to England, he could cleanse him of his corrupted blood…

Holmwood arranges for the Count to buy property in London and set up a base in the capital. Leaving his fiancé Mina behind, solicitor Harker is sent to finalise the property deals with Dracula in Transylvania, but never returns.

Meanwhile, Holmwood chooses to honeymoon at his ancestral home in Whitby, but he still refuses to bed his increasingly frustrated wife. Lucy and her friend Mina console each other.

But Dracula uses his power to change his ship’s course to Whitby. Mina and Lucy meet him and are mesmerised by his seductive charm, leading Lucy to invite him to dine at Castle Holmwood. That night, Dracula takes Lucy for himself and Holmwood gradually begins to understand the terrible power he has unleashed.

Dracula then sets his sights on the innocent Mina, but with the help of his friend Seward and Van Helsing, Holmwood eventually faces Dracula in a final terrifying showdown.

A perfectly scary, sexy chiller, ideal for a winter’s night!