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An Interview With Moonlight's Sophia Myles

11 April 2008   |   Written by Maddy

Her name is pronounced “SOF-EYE-AH,” not “SO-FEE-AH.” That is the first thing I learned when I met Sophia Myles for an exclusive interview with Blogcritics. Blogcritics also interviewed her Moonlight costars — Alex O’Loughlin (Mick), Jason Dohring (Josef), and Eric Winter (Ben, a new character). Her show, Moonlight, which beat out Gossip Girl for a People’s Choice Award, premieres four new episodes, four weeks in a row, starting April 25th at 9PM on CBS.
Sophia works hard on Moonlight, the average day being 17 hours with lots of night scenes. But it’s worth it. Sophia is blown away by the strong fan base–she just loves them! She was so impressed by how dedicated her fans are. Many of them were actually willing to donate blood to the American Red Cross to get a second season.
Unlike many of her costars, Sophia is not a huge fan of the vampire genre. She said, “I just don’t see how drinking blood is sexy.” Many Most women would disagree. She does however like the idea of immortality. It just interests her more. She’s much more interested in science fiction. In fact, she has a new movie coming out called, Outlander. It’s a science fiction movie with vikings.
Sophia’s character, Beth, has a major thing for Alex’s character, Mick. Don’t worry, Alex lovers, both actors insist their relationship will stay platonic. Sophia says that Alex is the best acting partner (although, her dream acting partner is Christian Bale) and is really like an older brother. Some days, much to many girls’ dismay, they have as long as twenty hours together. As for her character’s relationship with Mick, she just doesn’t see a happy future. There are problems with a vampire falling for a mortal: they can’t have kids and Beth would grow old, while Mick wouldn’t. It’s just so complicated. She’s unsure if she wants Beth to be a vampire. In the opener on the 25th, there will be a love triangle between Ben, Beth, and Mick. Sophia is unsure who is better for Beth, though. She was very clear on one thing: “I would not recommend to any girl to like a vampire.”
Sophia wasn’t always into acting. In fact, she was very academic in school. She was accepted into Cambridge, even though she never went. She took drama in school at 16, because of the handsome teacher. (That’s the way to do it! Something I’d totally get on board with.) She just fell in love with acting and was offered a job after a performance in one the plays; She took it.
She came to America from the United Kingdom at age 21 with only 200 dollars in her pocket. She says, “L.A. is fabulous if you are employed.” She almost gave up, ready to pack her bags. Thankfully, she auditioned for Moonlight instead and booked the part. She knew she had finally made it when she saw her name on the parking spot Warner Brothers gave her.
ophia is a very sweet girl; she actually came in on her day off for this interview. Make sure to catch Moonlight on April 25th, because, trust me, I know some set secrets, and it’s going to rock!