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Doctor Who guest star quizzed

11 April 2006   |   Written by Sam Ashurst

Recently SFX chatted to Sophia Myles, who played Lady Penelope in the Thunderbirds movie. We took the opportunity to ask her about her role in season two of Doctor Who. Sophie appears in episode four, “The Girl in the Fireplace”, written by Steven Moffat, in which she plays the infamous Madame Du Pompadour. She obviously got on very well with David Tennant while filming, since they’re now going out together! Aw. On-set love. It warms our cockles.

SFX: So, tell us about your character in Doctor Who: she’s a legendary figure…
“When my agent called me and said ‘you’ve been offered an episode of Doctor Who’ I thought, brilliant! I’m going to meet the Daleks! ‘No, you’re going to be in a corset in Versailles!’ She’s the mistress of Louis XIIII, and in Doctor Who terms she’s known the Doctor since she was a very young girl – he came into her life when she was about seven or eight and he’s visited her throughout the course of her life.”

What creatures do you battle?
“There are bad guys in this one; I’m kind of scared to say too much, not ‘because I don’t want to tell you, I’d love to tell you, there are some rather terrifying monsters – well, not monsters exactly, droids? There’s a reason why they’re interested in my being…”

What sort of a character is she?
“She’s a bit of a goer! People will be quite shocked when they see; she doesn’t waste her time, put it that way!”

You’re going to be the object of attention for kids across the country…
“It’s weird, I used to watch it when I was a kid and just turning up and being there, it’s such a privilege. You can’t say no, I think being offered an episode of Doctor Who is a bit like being called to jury service – you just don’t say no, it’s so not cool!”

Who’s your Doctor of choice?
“David Tennant – for obvious reasons!”