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15-21 March 2008   |   Written by Olivia Robinson

Sophia Myles, star of spooky US TV show Moonlight, recalls her first time in Hollywood

The first time I came to Hollywood I was 21 and I had £200 in my pocket. All I had in the world was that – and a £5,000 overdraft! I wanted to be a successful actress, but it wasn’t happening in England so I came here to Hollywood to try and get a job. A friend was house-sitting for someone who had a big house, so I lived there for a month rent-free.

I am just so giddy about the place, I absolutely love it. The energy is really amazing and so many famous people live here.

Amazingly, the first audition I had was for the film Underworld, which I got. I took a chance back then and was lucky. But it’s a very tough town to be in if you’re not employed. I’ve been desperate at times when I’ve been here trying to get a job. I would recommend getting your act together before you come. I’ve had mixed emotions here, so I’ve tried and tested it, but you need to keep level-headed if you’re going to survive. I did one film here when I was 24, Art School Confidential, and I lived at Chateau Marmot hotel. It’s very rock ‘n’ roll.

At the moment I’m renting a place in Hollywood and I feel very at home. I bought a puppy from one of the crew on Moonlight and I’ve become very good friends with Anna Friel who’s out here doing a hit show called Pushing Daisies. I’m so delighted that I took the chance and came here.