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Sophia’s Star

Some of us got together to name a star after Sophia Myles for her birthday this year. Though it isn’t until next Friday Sophia has already received her gift and sent this wonderful message:

To my dear friends – Fee, Mia, Chrissy, Natalie, Maike, Donna, Victor, Steph, Flo and Kevin,

I arrived home this evening and found a package on my doorstep. I opened it early (didn’t know it was a birthday gift). Oh my goodness, oh my goodness – you got me a star! Words can’t describe how much love filled my heart when I saw it. You guys are simply the best. Thank you so so so soooo much. I consider you my soul family and I am so blessed to have you all in my life. Who needs a star on the walk of fame when you have one in the sky? I LOVE YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love always and forever,
Sophia xxx

We love you Sophia Myles and wish you all the best – may you have a wonderful day with your loved ones next Friday!

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‘Spooks’ Series 9 out on DVD!

The 9th series of ‘Spooks‘ with Sophia Myles is out on DVD in the UK now! The main cover features costars Peter Firth and Richard Armitage but one of the DVDs has Sophia Myles and Max Brown as Beth and Dimitri on the cover. Thank you Natalie for the scans! If you haven’t ordered your DVD yet don’t hesitate to do so now to be able to watch Sophia as MI-5 agent Beth Bailey any time you want.

Of course the media parts of the website will soon be updated with better quality screencaptures and material from the DVD Extras.

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