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New Layout!

Here’s the new layout! What do you think? I felt a change was needed, also this new layout should be more gender-neutral in terms of colour. I actually first wanted to wait with the new layout until I’ve finished the Projects section, but as I don’t know how much time I will have over the coming days to work on the site I decided to put it online already. But I will finish the section over the next few weeks. Together with the new layout I also have a new gallery system that is much easier to update. Please leave your comments, they’re well appreciated!

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Agency Adress change

The London agency Sophia Myles is represented by (Hamilton Hodell) has moved house! The new adress is:

Sophia Myles, c/o Christian Hodell, Fifth Floor, 66-68 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8SR United Kingdom.

The website, telephone and fax number remain the same.

I’ve added tons of new pictures. They were donated by Marilynka and you can view them by clicking here. Even though they’re watermarked they’re of quite good quality.

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Sophia Myles to name Viking boat

Coming Saturday, Sophia Myles will officially name the Viking boat ‘Lille Draken’. This is an excerpt from a news report (Richmond and Twickenham Times):

On Saturday June 18 at noon, at Richmond boat house, Richmond Bridge, film star Sophia Myles from Thunderbirds will officially name the boat. Her father, Rev Peter Myles of St John the Baptist Church, Isleworth, will bless the vessel, in keeping with naval tradition.

More about the boat:

“David Jones, of Avenue Road, has spent the past year building the replica Viking boat using traditional materials such as green oak and sweet chestnut planks of wood, along with tar and linseed oil to seal the exterior. The boat, called Lille Draken’ – or Little Dragon’ in Norse – is 21ft long, 5ft wide and only 1ft deep. It features a striking gold-leaf, carved dragon figurehead, wrought iron keel band and a carved tail piece. A large sail with Viking detailing will be unfurled when the boat reaches water.”

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New Layout!!

Hey! The new layout is online! What do you think of it? The movie pages and some of the small pictures in the you and web section aren’t finished. But I’m working on it and hopefully the site’ll be finished soon. Your comments are very much appreciated!

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Thank You

To Sophia Myles: Thank you so much for your message! And for the signed pictures: I have received them yesterday and I am so excited!!!! Thanks a lot!