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Jun 2015
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I have updated the photo gallery with HQ images and screencaptures of Sophia attending the South Bank Sky Arts Awards to present the award for Film.       I have also added two videos of this event to the video vault. Doesn’t Sophia look AMAZING?! Hope you all enjoy! Photo Gallery: 014 Public Appearances > Events in 2015 > South Bank Sky Arts Awards

Feb 2015
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I hope you’ve all had a chance to see Sophia in Blackwood! I really did love the whole film and all the cast were fantastic! I do have to apologise though as I managed to see the film via iTunes on 16th February and have had the screencaptures on my laptop since then! Blackwood is now available on DVD and all VOD services (iTunes, Amazon, Sky) Anyway, I hope they

Dec 2014
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To all the visitors of Simply Sophia Myles, I hope you have a truly wonderful Christmas wherever you are in the world! As a gift from me to you, I have uploaded 38 production stills and 37 on set images from The Damned as well as Blu-Ray screencaptures of one of Sophia’s best known projects, Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace. I hope you enjoy the new images! (And

Sep 2014
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I have some HUGE photo and videos updates for you all! Not only have I uploaded clips and screencaptures from the most recent episodes of Our Zoo, I have also added Transformers 4: Age of Extinction updates to both the gallery and video vault as well! Photo Gallery 092 Television > Our Zoo (2014) > Episode Three 113 Television > Our Zoo (2014) > Episode Four 009 Television > Our