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Various movie news

Fantastic news: There’s a first picture of Sophia in ‘Art School Confidential’: see.

I’ve posted a small version of the poster for the mini-series ‘Colditz’ in the Forum. While you’re visiting the forum, please post! There’s not enough activity right now 🙁

And finally I manage to add a link to Faith’s Wonderful Lady P Fanlisting. The listing’s got a great design and if you’re fond of Lady P’s character, join!

Amazon has sent me an email confirming my copy of a Thunderbirds DVD has been shipped. I’m waiting….

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‘Layer Cake’ Premiere / Malta

And here we go again, I know it’s a bit weird not to update for so long and then all of a sudden to update three days in a row…. Anyway, Sophia attended the UK premiere of Layer Cake last Thursday. The guy in two of the pictures is Damian Lewis, co-star in the upcoming mini series ‘Colditz’.

At the moment, Sophia is in Malta. See a picture here. Read also the article about it:

» ‘Lady Penelope’ in Malta, The Times of Malta, September 29, 2004

And another a bit older interview I’ve found:
» Interview Sophia Myles, BBC Films, July 22, 2004

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Sophia featured in ‘Ingenue’

A new article:
» Sophia Myles (Ingenue, Autumn 2004)

At the end she lists Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson as the actors she’s admiring. And that she’d really love to work with Woody Allen. Well, she admires Scarlett, Scarlett worked with Terry Zwigoff 3 years ago and this year with Woody. Sophia’s currently working with Terry Zwigoff and….who knows??

The magazine also features 6 new photographs. View them here.

‘Thunderbirds’ is to be released on DVD in the UK on November 15 – in the US on December 21. Great news – especially if one thinks that it still hasn’t come to theatres in Switzerland. After being released on DVD in the US, ‘Out of Bounds’ was re-released on DVD in the UK last week. I still have some more information on that film to add to this site…

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I’ve added some articles:
» M’Lady in Waiting (Esquire, August 2004)
» Sophia’s in the pink (Daily Post, July 27, 2004)
» The return of Lady Penelope (Sundy Times – Style, July 4, 2004)
» Thunderbirds Q&A (Phase9, July 2004)

In the August issue of ‘Esquire’ were also some new pictures of Sophia. See

I’ve added the filmpages in the filmography section. But don’t expect too much, they’re as of yet far from being complete. An exception is the Thunderbirds page. It has the full-sized poster featuring Sophia. I’ve also put together pages about reviews for Sophia and Sophia’s thougths. Enjoy!