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‘Outlander’ UK DVD Promotion

The UK ‘Outlander‘ DVD will soon be released: August 31. In promotion of this a few small internet articles about Sophia Myles have surfaced. Not sure if the quotes in it are part of a full-length interview, which is yet to appear – let’s hope so – but I’ve added them already to the press archive:

I’m not a posh bird, The Press Association, August 13
Sophia needs some work, TeleText / Showbiz Spy, August 16

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‘Outlander’ UK Promotion

Thanks Chrissy for telling us about ‘Outlander‘s official UK website having more content. Be sure to visit to get all excited for the upcoming UK release on April 24! Additionally, you can also stay updated about everything Outlander on Facebook and Twitter.

Following Outlander items have been added to the site:
OUTLANDER – Sophia Myles Q+A really lovely
Outlander – Production Stills x2 – trying to get better versions of these soon
Outlander – Trailer x10 – UK Trailer

Oh, and my French ‘Outlander’ DVD got shipped today – should arrive on Thursday or Friday. I’m so excited!

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Elle Magazine – Diet Diary

The new February issue of Elle (UK) magazine with Kate Winslet on the cover has an article about Sophia Myles. It’s called Diet Diary and is basically about Sophia’s weekly food intake with a nutritionist’s opinion about it. Many thanks to my friend Riikka for the heads up as well as for scanning the magazine. View the scan. And here’s the transcript from the press archive.

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Various magazine clippings

I scanned some various older clippings with Sophia content and transcribed those articles that hadn’t been in the press archive yet. Big thank you to Lorna for making some of these available to me!

Press Archive
Sophia Myles, My first…, TVQuick (UK), March 15, 2008
The female factor, The Independent (UK), March 10, 2008
Escape from hell!, Unknown, around March 2005
Get ready for… Sophia Myles, More! (UK), May 14-27, 2003

Photo Gallery
02 The Live and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby – Production Stills
02 Daily Express (UK) – April 13, 2001 (I think I’m missing one of the pages for this one, sorry)
01 The Mirror (UK) – April 7, 2001
02 Sunday Mirror (UK) – March 31, 2001
01 More! (UK) – May 14-27, 2003
02 3am (UK) – July, 2004
01 Various Clippings 2005
01 TVQuick (UK) – March 15-21, 2008
04 Various Clippings 2008, Thank you Lorna for scanning most of these!

Filed in Press Updates talks to Sophia & Jamie was also attending the “Mister Foe” press junket a couple of weeks ago. They published their transcript of the interview with Sophia Myles and Jamie Bell and I think it’s very nice to see the interaction between the two. Apart from the movie (obviously) they talk about who’s more damaged, Kate or Hallam, who they’d like to work with in the future and James Franco being funny (Sophia already knew that of course).

Myles: I think as you get older (I don’t know if you’ve found this.) but within the industries, when you start off acting, it’s kind of rather selfish motives; you are the kid who just wants to get paid to throw on the costumes and pretend to be someone else. The more experience that you have and the more films that you make, you start to realize that as a storyteller, it’s not just about you and the film’s experience for yourself. It becomes about your audience. And you realize, “Wow, I actually have the power here to make a piece… As opposed to the movies that are out there right now that just provide purely escapism for an hour and a half while you go and eat popcorn and forget about your own life…

Bell: Rising fuel prices, rising fuel prices I need some escapism… [All Laugh]

Myles: Films like this which deal with such archetypal themes of self-discovery, the search for love, and the fear of death, that can really actually affect the audience and take the viewer to somewhere deeper within themselves. That’s what it becomes about.

Be sure to read the full interview in our press archive.