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Aug 2008
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Just trying to catch up on a few things I have previously missed to add to the site these days. I’ve added 18 additional HQ stills from the “Moonlight” episodes 10, 13 and 14. I’m only missing the stills from episode 16 now. I know they’re available on various sites but I’d hate to just take them. Could anyone donate those? It’d be much appreciated. Screencaps of the last 2

Aug 2008
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Right in time for the Film Festival Locarno the Production Notes for ‘Outlander‘ have been released. Here the Sophia-relevant parts: Director Howard McCain „We really did attract a great cast,” affirmed McCain, „all of whom are in it for the right reasons. From Jim Caviezel and John Hurt to Sophia Myles, Jack Huston and Ron Perlman, they all liked the script, not because it was a monster movie, not because

May 2008
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Again, from the set of ‘Moonlight‘ but a bit more extensive than the recent ones. Sophia Myles talks of course about vampires and her character Beth but also about the comparisons between the ‘Doctor Who‘ episode ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ and ‘Moonlight‘, about her upcoming movie ‘Outlander‘ as well as her beginnings as an actress. • Sophia Myles On The Set Of ‘Moonlight’, MediaBlvd Magazine, May 16 The minute

May 2008
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The current comeback of ‘Moonlight‘ also got written about in the press. I added 3 articles with Sophia-relevant information to the press archive: • Myles Sure CBS To Renew Moonlight, SciFi Wire, April 30 • Tidbits about the final episodes of ‘Moonlight’ from Fango’s Weekend of Horrors, iF Magazine, May 1 • The biting truth, Zap2It, May 4 There’s a lot of life change that’s happened to her. And it’s