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Sep 2010
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In my quest to bring the site up to date I bring you the 2 recently released video interviews where Sophia Myles talks about ‘Spooks‘ and her character Beth Bailey. They’re very informative, especially the one conducted by TV.com which was recorded on August 11, so be sure to watch. A new trailer – different from the preview shown after the last episode – is currently airing on BBC One.

Sep 2010
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After the new series of ‘Spooks‘ premiered last Monday many reviews could be found. They’re quite favourable and also Sophia’s addition to the cast was received mostly positively: Hermione Norris’s refreshingly stern Ros Myers has been replaced by the busty, smouldering Sophia Myles as Beth Bailey – a former independent contractor hankering for a job at MI5. Like North, her cocky, self-assured demeanour screamed “mole” and we were merrily invited

Sep 2010
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Forgive the delay in putting these online. I think next week I’ll be faster. Enjoy the screencaptures and some brief clips of Sophia Myles making her debut as Beth Bailey on ‘Spooks‘. I also uploaded the trailer for episode 2, the countdown for which has been put in the sidebar. As always, spoiler warning! Photo Gallery 251 Spooks (2010) > Season 9 > Episode 1 004 Spooks (2010) > Season

Sep 2010
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Only a few more minutes until we finally get to see Sophia Myles in her debut on ‘Spooks‘. To pass the few minutes until the show starts at 9pm I uploaded this new lovely promotional picture which was on the This Morning Website earlier (interview will be up tonight). Also you may want to pass the final minutes of the countdown watching a music video of Nerina Pallot singing her