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Sep 2008
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So sorry to not have put up a reminder to watch Sophia Myles on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night but I was in bed with a fever. Anyway, feeling much better now and I have for you clips and caps of the lovely interview. Wasn’t she doing fabulous?! I was sorry to hear about her purse and I hope whoever stole it realizes what a stupid

Sep 2008
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Loads of screencaps of clips of Sophia Myles at public events and being interviewed. Links to view the clips are given in most cases – some have also been uploaded to the site’s media vault. Especially noteworthy the 18 (!) minute long uncut Moonlight interview as well as the previously unseen – at least by me – Tristan & Isolde interviews from 2006. 106 Fangoria’s Weekend Of Horrors – ‘Moonlight’

Aug 2008
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Not sure which title to use. But with all the excitement that ‘Hallam Foe‘ finally gets released in the US as ‘Mister Foe‘ I remembered I still had some goodies hiding in some folder on my computer. There are 2 really lovely interviews with Sophia Myles that I found on the German and Swiss DVD editions respectively. Even though the “Swiss” interview looks like the ZDF interview – they were

Aug 2008
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I’ve finished the overview page for ‘Outlander‘ in the projects section. So go there to see a more in-depth description of the film and Sophia’s role. I’ve tried to stay away from major spoilers but of course if you want to remain unspoiled before seeing the film for yourself don’t read. The film is certainly on a par with major blockbusters – even though better than your usual period action