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Sep 2009
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It’s been a long time in the works but finally, the clips of Sophia’s little known guest appearance in the 2001 Christmas episode of British TV-series ‘Heartbeat‘ can be downloaded from our media vault. As my computer has been having trouble encoding video clips, our dear messageboard member Felicia has graciously agreed to encode all of Sophia’s scenes for our viewing pleasure! Thank you so much, we will never forget

Jan 2009
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Wow! Outlander’s distributor for India managed what the US (seemingly) can’t: they put together a professional looking official movie page! Check it out here! The only sad part is that they don’t seem to be promoting Sophia’s part in it as much. But they have some great wallpapers, screensavers, 10 30-second teaser trailers as well as some promotion reels, and a beautiful presskit. I highly recommend browsing around and discovering

Oct 2008
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I finally found the time to encode the promised clips of the scenes featuring Sophia Myles in the 1996 BBC 6 part mini series “The Prince and the Pauper“. After some technical difficulties I was able to use a new method and I hope you will all be able to play it on your end and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the quite high quality of the clips. Enjoy watching Sophia

Sep 2008
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I’ve finally made some clips of Sophia’s scenes in the 1998 TV mini series “Big Women” about feminism. She stars as teenage Saffron searching for answers 7 years after her mother’s death – this was part 3 of 4 of the series. Since this is extremely hard to come by I’ve made clips of practically all of Sophia’s scenes. This was her first proper acting job after her acting debut