Can you forward my message to Sophia Myles? Can you send me an autograph?
Sorry, no, I can’t. But it is possible to contact Sophia Myles and even get a response. For more information visit the How To Contact page on this site. You’ll find there the address and some tips on how to proceed in order to get a reply.

I work for … charity. I would like to engage Sophia Myles for an event, as a spokesperson, etc. Can you help?
Sorry, no, I can’t. So far Sophia Myles has never volunteered any information about her charity work. It would appear she wishes to keep that private. To engage her for your charity contact her directly via her represantatives – visit the How To Contact page on this site to find out how to do so.

Are you getting paid for running ‘Simply Sophia Myles’?
No, I’m not. I’m just a regular working girl who invests some of her free time into this place of information for the enormously talented actress Sophia Myles. Any comments, feedback, suggestions are always welcome. Contact Me

Can I license a picture/a photograph for my publication?
We don’t own any of the pictures, unless labelled with an “Exclusive” tag. They are on display for educational purposes only and we hold no copyright on any of them. So we can’t help you out there.

Can I use a scan for my website?
I’m sorry, but I have to say no. All the scans in the gallery – unless specifically stated otherwise – have been scanned by myself or my friends especially for Simply Sophia Myles. I have spent many hours collecting and scanning them, thus the negative answer.

What about other pictures then. Can I use them for my website?
Please ask in advance which one(s) and we’ll see.

What about original texts or graphics and Fanart?
All original texts and graphics are copyrighted to SophiaMyles.org and Sophia-Media.org. Fanart is copyrighted to their respective creators and have especially been donated to this site. I cannot allow you to take them.

I am the copyright holder for …. Can you please remove it?
So sorry to have infringed your copyright. Please let me know especially what items are yours and I’ll remove it immediately.

How can I help?
Thanks for asking! 🙂 I’m always on the look out for information and/or updates on Sophia’s projects, for pictures of Sophia Myles working, attending public events and so on and also any other idea you might have is always welcome. I’m always giving credit. Should that ever not be the case, then it’s because I’ve forgotten and as soon as you tell me I’ll add the credit. Contact Me

Is there something you don’t post on the site?
Yes. Paparazzi/Stalkerazzi pictures, pure gossip and any private information such as email address, address, telephone number etc. Additionally, I follow the generally accepted guidelines not to post any racist, degrading, criminal or pornographic contents.

I hope you’ve found what you were looking for on this site! If not or want to ask another question (that might even become part of the FAQ) just contact me. See also the Policy for general site information.


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