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Nov 2003
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New pictures from Ronan Keating’s music video ‘Love Won’t Work‘ and from ‘Out of Bounds‘.

Nov 2003
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Yes, ‘Absolutely Sophia Myles’ has gone online! A few things are still missing, but that will change soon. All in all you should already be able to find more information about this rising star who is currently starring in ‘Underworld’ and will next be seen in the feature-adaption of ‘The Thunderbirds’ and the legendary ‘Tristan & Isolde’.

Nov 2003
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from Elle US, November 2003

Age: 23
Provenance: London
Parentage: Father is a vicar in the Church of England.
Requested pronunciation: “So-FY-ah”
Best known for: From Hell, playing Johnny Depp’s wife
Upcoming: Thunderbirds, costarring Ben Kingsley, and Tristan and Isolde, costarring James Franco. “I love playing powerful women without having to be the sex vamp.”
On being the vicar’s daughter: “I didn’t rebel. My friends were getting pregnant and smoking dope. I was a swot, a boffin – a good student.”

Oct 2003
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from Now / by Garth Pearce

British actress Sophia reckons it was no great hardship being paid to go to bed with Johnny Depp

She may be a vicar’s daughter from Middlesex, but Sophia Myles is delighted that Hollywood is starting to view her as a sexy vixen

Sophia Myles will never forget her sex scene as Johnny Depp’s wife in the 2001 thriller From Hell. He would take a regular pause between passion sessions and listen to classical music from a tiny piece of hi-tech equipment, fitted deep inside his ear.

‘When I asked him about it,’ recalls Sophia, ‘he said; “Oh, don’t you start.” Apparently Juliette Binoche had become really offended during their key scenes in Chocolat. She’d said: “Am I not good enough for you, then?” But I didn’t mind in the slightest and told him so. He said: “You should get one yourself.” I asked: “How much?” He said: “About “$60,00,” which is around