A Sunny Morning

Character: Grace
Directed by: Jacob Proctor
Written by: Jacob Proctor
Other cast: Charlie Cox
Running time: 8 minutes

Grace is on the brink of making a decision that could change the rest of her life after a heated argument with her husband Adam. She’s feeling trapped and alone, jealous of her successful friend and bitter about the choices she made. It tells the story of a couple whose relationship seems on the rocks, the decision that one of them has made, and how they break it to the other. “I never expected this when I was younger”

Story Description

The film begins with Grace lying on the bed alone. She takes off her wedding ring and after a moment’s pause she places it on the side and begins to read a book. It doesn’t last long – she clearly has other things on her mind. Adam arrives home, he tells her he has been to Paul’s. It is obvious that these two have loved each other but there is a distinct lack of emotion from Grace towards her husband – she doesn’t want to discuss where he has been or who he has seen and is defensive when he mentions that she has begun smoking again. There is a knowing look from Adam, suggesting this isn’t the first time she has responded this way.

She asks about Paul and Jenny. Adam says that they are okay but worried. Once again we get a sense that all is not well with Grace, she bitterly responds “I bet she’s secretly loving this”, Adam tells her she is being unfair but Grace simply responds “I don’t want to be fair”.

They begin to talk about the weather. Adam is encouraging and suggests that they could go out for a walk or go to Franco’s so that Franco can “flirt outrageously” – clearly a past time they have shared many times before. Grace blankly replies “I think I’m going to have to take another week off”. Adam doesn’t seem convinced but agrees. There is a long silence between them. Again, it appears this may have been a conversation they have had several times before – his earlier encouraging optimism now gone.

Grace breaks the silence by asking “will this ever get better?” – “Yes it will” – “Do you honestly believe that?”- “of course I do”. This simple exchange begins to hint that they have experienced some form of trauma, something that has come between them and caused them to forget how to relate to one another.

They briefly discuss the status of their relationship – “it’s just a setback Grace”, “is it?” – before changing the topic back to Paul and Jenny. Adam says “you should call her really”. It seems as after what has happened to Grace, she hasn’t seen or spoken to anyone else – possibly not even left the bedroom for more than a few moments.

He spots that she isn’t wearing her wedding ring. Grace begins to form some excuse but gives up mid-sentence. “Why did you take it off?” he asks. She replied honestly, “I don’t know”. They appear to have entered a phase in their relationship where there has been a cycle of constant arguing which has culminated in them questioning their marriage. The film ends with Adam asking “do you even want to try?” When Grace doesn’t reply he walks out of the room. Grace is once again left alone.

Quotes from Sophia

I’ve never made a short film before. I signed on before Charlie and I was so thrilled when I got the phone call saying Charlie is doing the film because it just meant we were able to shortcut through the initial ‘getting to know you’.

There was a level of comfort. It was just really lucky.