Close and True

Character: Marie James
Episodes: S1 Ep 02
Original airdate: 30 November 2000 (UK)
Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery
Running time: 60 min

Robson Green stars as John Close, a well meaning but inexperienced solicitor who takes over the running of a run down Newcastle legal practice. The series unites Robson with one of the North East's most celebrated actors, James Bolam, who plays Graham True, the founding partner of the practice John takes over and who now happily resides in a mental hospital and becomes an unlikely mentor for John Close. John has spent ten years working in London as a commercial solicitor - a job he hates and isn't particularly good at. Whilst on a diving holiday in Malta where John has been trying to overcome his fear of water (the first break from the rat race he's had in years), he receives a call from Steve Sheedy, his best friend from Newcastle. Steve has been charged with attempted murder and begs John to help him. John can't let his best friend down, but he has no experience of criminal law and he soon finds himself way out of his depth.

#1.02: Town and Gown

Director: Pip Broughton
Episode Cast: Robson Green, Jamie Bell, James Bolam, Nicola Grier

Story Description
Close visits Graham True after Simons takes some of the firm’s money and runs to Darwin, Australia. Close wants to rebuild the practice by True is not so enthusiastic. Meanwhile, John begins to take over Simons’ cases, one of them being an assault on a woman at a nightclub.

Sophia’s Role

Sophia plays Marie James, a well-educated young girl studying at the Newcastle university. When she’s beaten up, Eric a seemingly typical suspect gets accused. But what is really going on between Marie and her boyfriend?


This series is also known as “Lakitoimisto Close & True” in Finland