Character: Lizzie Carter
Directed by: Stuart Orme
Written by: Peter Morgan, Richard Cottan
Other cast: Damian Lewis, Tom Hardy, Laurence Fox, James Fox
Release date: 27 March 2005 (UK)
Genre: Drama/War
Running time: 240 min

The main storyline of the production is one involving a POW who successfully escapes to Britain only to steal the girlfriend of a fellow prisoner who was not able to escape with him. Once in Britain, he is rewarded with a position at MI9, which he uses to try to prevent his fellow POW from returning and reclaiming his girlfriend

Story Description

When Nick Mcgrade (Damien Lewis), Jack Rose (Tom Hardy) and Tom Willis (Lawrence Fox) escape from a World War II prison camp they come within metres of freedom. But when Rose and Willis are apprehended, Rose buys Mcgrade enough time to escape. For his pains he’s sent to Colditz, the supposedly escape-proof camp, whilst Mcgrade returns home. Having promised to track down Lizzie Carter (Sophia Myles) and let her know Jack’s all right, Mcgrade instead finds himself manipulated into working for MI9 and slowly but surely falling for Lizzie.

Sophia’s Role

Sophia plays Lizzie Carter, a women torn between the love she lost and the love that is right in front of her.

Quotes from Others

Damian Lewis

I didn’t really know much about her before Colditz – thankfully Thunderbirds hadn’t come out – but the first rushes I saw were extraordinary because she’s got the most incredible beauty on screen. McGrade falls in love with this girl Lizzie Carter, played by Sophia Myles, and sees this beautiful middle-class vision, who’s self-assured, dynamic and brilliant at what she does – he’s drawn to her like a bee around honey.

Quotes from Reviews


Sophia Myles, with very good hair

Strong performances from Damian Lewis (swapping his Band of Brothers American accent for a Scottish brogue suitable for the rogue he plays), Sophia Myles, and a surprise appearance by former Beverly Hills 90210er Jason Priestly as a Canadian POW battling his own demons round out the package

Quotes from Sophia

‘Damian has done loads of action stuff, such as Warriors and Band of Brothers, so he’s really used to explosions. But I’m such a cissy