Coming Up

Character: Nina
Other cast: Ben Sutherland, Sarah Niven, Peter Lochburn, Danielle Tarento, Jarmal Lynch, Ashley Jensen, Christine Tremarco, Alec Newman
Genre: Drama
Running time: 30 min

Coming Up is the Channel 4 talent scheme where new writers and directors have the opportunity to make an original film with a guaranteed network broadcast

Sophia’s Role

Sophia played Nina, the live in girlfriend of the male prostitute. Nina gets frustrated with him because she realises he’s enjoying his job and they have a big row and she storms out. She’s in 2 scenes which last about 3 minutes each.


Used to be called Dogma TV

Quotes from Sophia

In real life I’m energetic and hardworking, not a demure, corseted maiden. I’ve done a piece called Money Can Buy You Love for Channel 4’s Dogma TV strand where I play the girlfriend of a rent boy living in a council flat in the East End. It was refreshing to do something contemporary – such a change from high-heeled shoes and a corset, I felt like I was acting in my pyjamas.

Episode List

#1.06: Money Can Buy You Love

Aired: 1 October 2003
Director: Mark Soldinger
Script: Tom MacRae
Episode Cast: Sophia Myles, Danny Nussbaum, Louise Page

Story Description
Sam is straight but works as a rent boy to pay the bills. Then an attractive woman hires him for sex and he falls for her despite finding out she is a high-class prostitute herself.