Character: Heather Conway
Episodes: S11 Ep 10
Original airdate: 30 December 2001 (UK)
Genre: Drama
Running time: 50 min

A British police constable and his doctor wife, weary of the turmoil in contemporary London, decide to move and work in a quiet village where life is livelier than they anticipated.

#11.10: No Hiding Place

Director: Jonas Grimås
Script: Brian Finch
Episode Cast: Mark Jordon, William Simons, Ryan Early, Philip Franks, Gabrielle Cowburn, Ciaran Griffiths, David Lonsdale, Sarah Tansey, Clare Calbraith, Peter Benson, Geoffrey Hughes, Tricia Penrose, Derek Fowlds, Jason Durr

Story Description: Dr. Summerbee gets a visit from her old friend actress Heather Conway over Christmas. Her stay is not a courtesy call though. She is hiding from somebody and that somebody is close on her heels. Emma Turner is blind and very dependent on her guide dog Peggy. But one day Peggy has disappeared. The dog is Emma’s only company over the holidays, but despite a thorough police search there is no trace of Peggy. Fortunately an article in the local news paper turns up a lead. Joyce Jowett has become the new chairman of the local finance committee. She is very interested in the old folks’ Christmas party and Vernon Scripps promise her to supply a Christmas tree with lights and everything. Getting a tree is fairly easy, but David has a small mishap with the coloured lights.

Sophia’s Role

Sophia plays Heather Conway, an actress friend of Dr Summerbee, who is trying to escape from something, or someone, from her past.