Character: Beth Turner
Created by: Ron Koslow, Trevor Munson
Other cast: Alex O'Loughlin, Jason Dohring,
Premiere date: 19 February 2008
Episodes: Appeared in all episodes
Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Horror
Running time: 60 min

Over fifty years ago, Mick St. John was turned into a vampire. Now in modern Los Angeles, he is a private eye; working cases that often involve the undead. He uses his supernatural abilities to help mortals in need, a difficult task if he is to keep his own identity a secret. Mick's mentor is Josef, a powerful fellow vampire with many connections. One night, a case leads Mick to reporter Beth Turner, a beautiful human woman he feels bound to protect. But while he struggles with his romantic feelings towards Beth, he meets an enigmatic brunette who looks identical to his ex-wife Coraline --the woman who turned him into a vampire, a woman who was supposed to be dead...

Sophia’s Role

Sophia Myles plays Beth Turner, an internet reporter and Mick’s love interest. Beth has some memories of being rescued from a kidnapper when she was four years old, but does not initially realize that it was Mick that rescued her.


The People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama, 2008
The Saturn Award for Best Television Series Release on DVD, 2009 (awarded by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films)

Episode List

#1.01: No Such Thing as Vampires

Aired: 28 September 2007
Director: Ron Holcomb
Script: Ron Koslow & Trevor Munson
Episode Cast: Brian J. White, Jacob Vargas, Kevin Weisman, Tami Roman, Rudolf Martin, Dean O’Gorman, Shoshana Bush

Story Description
At the crime scene of a murdered college student, vampire P.I. Mick St. John meets Beth Turner, a reporter for the online newspaper BuzzWire. Although two puncture wounds to the neck make it appear that the girl was killed by vampires, Mick knows that this was not the case; his vampiric sense of smell does not pick up any scent of vampires. Mick and Beth find the girl’s professor, a self-proclaimed vampire who uses his knowledge of vampire lore to seduce female college students. Beth goes undercover to see what she can find out about the professor, but is kidnapped by the professor’s assistant. Mick comes to her rescue, using his vampire strength to overcome him. It is revealed that Mick has met Beth before; he saved her when she was a child from his ex-wife Coraline.

#1.02: Out of the Past

Aired: 5 October 2007
Director: Fred Toye
Script: David Greenwalt
Episode Cast: Jordan Belfi, Tami Roman, David Fabrizio

Story Description
Mick becomes furious when convicted killer Lee Jay Spalding is released from prison; Spalding had previously killed a woman Mick was supposed to protect. Mick is concerned that Spalding is not the reformed man he pretends to be. Spalding knows Mick is a vampire, and while incarcerated, has been planning to kill him. Beth’s friend Julia writes a book about Spalding, portraying him as a great man, but Spalding kidnaps Julia and tells Mick that if he does not turn himself into the police, he will kill her. Mick rescues Julia, but is shot in the process by a silver bullet. Beth arrives and kills Spalding with a bullet to the throat. Due to his own gunshot wound, Mick begins to lose his energy and rushes home to feed on some blood. While feeding, Beth arrives at Mick’s house and sees him with his fangs out and blood all over his face.

#1.03: Dr. Feelgood

Aired: 12 October 2007
Director: Scott Lautanen
Script: Gabrielle Stanton, Harry Werksman
Episode Cast: Brad Greenquist, Chris Payne Gilbert, Molly Culver

Story Description
While Beth struggles to cope with the discovery that Mick is a vampire, the two work together to find a killer who is a newly turned vampire. As they race to find him, they encounter his sire, the vampire who turned him, but who did not train him how to understand or handle his urges. Mick reveals to Beth how one becomes a vampire and tells her the story of how he was turned on his wedding night by his ex-wife, Coraline. He also tells her that he trusts her.

#1.04: Fever

Aired: 19 October 2007
Director: Fred Toye
Script: Jill Blotevogel
Episode Cast: Vanessa Lengies, Navid Negahban, James C. Victor, Derk Cheetwood, Phil Hayes, David J. Lee, Erika Ringor, Haley Pullos, Martez Covington

Story Description
Beth’s boyfriend Josh is prosecuting powerful arms dealer Amir Fayed for murder, but because of a leak in his department, Josh’s star witness, Leni Hayes, is in serious danger. Leni is placed in a safe house, but when Fayed’s hitman arrives, she is forced to flee to the Mojave Desert. Mick is called to protect Leni, who finds her just before the hitman catches her. The pair get stranded in the desert, where the blazing sun takes its toll on Mick, who grows progressively weaker. They find shelter in an abandoned motel, and Mick persuades Leni to call Beth. Realizing that Mick has experienced a prolonged exposure to sunlight and is near death, Beth rushes to his side and, overcoming her fear, allows him to feed off her just long enough to restore his life force. Leni returns to testify, and Fayed is convicted.

#1.05: Arrested Development

Aired: 26 October 2007
Director: Michael Fields
Script: Chip Johannessen
Episode Cast: Nate Mooney, Wes Robinson, Casey LaBow, Janelle Giumarra

Story Description
After being forced to feed on Beth’s blood, Mick tries to avoid her. To keep busy, Mick takes a case to find a young woman, while Beth works on a story about a possible serial killer who has relocated to Los Angeles. Despite the initial awkwardness, the two agree to work together when they realize that the serial killer’s next target is the young woman Mick is searching for. The killer turns out to be a 200 years old teenage vampire, trapped forever as a teenager and has channeled his rage into killing prostitutes. Beth and Mick are able to save the young woman just before the vampire murders her, who is able to escape. After a struggle between Mick and the killer in a carnival, the latter is killed by a passing rollercoaster. Later, when Beth encounters Mick, they kiss.

#1.06: B.C.

Aired: 2 November 2007
Director: Paul Holahan
Script: Erin Maher, Kathryn Reindl
Episode Cast: Holly Valance, Patrick Fischler, Anil Raman, Josh Kelly

Story Description
Josef asks Mick to find Lola, a vampire with whom he has had an on-again, off-again relationship for 100 years. Meanwhile, Beth is doing a story on a model who died of a drug overdose during a photo shoot. Both investigations lead to the morgue, where Beth and Mick realize their cases are related. They end up working together when Josef’s lover turns out to be a “drug” dealer, killing other vampires and selling their blood to humans as a drug. The vampire blood makes a human feel almost like a vampire; powerful and sexy, but it can easily lead to fatal overdose. Curious, Beth tries the drug and, under its influence, tries to seduce Mick, although he resists her. When Beth learns that Josh and the police are about to raid the warehouse where Lola makes the drug, she tips Mick off and he manages to blow up Lola and her operation before the police arrive.

#1.07: The Ringer

Aired: 9 November 2007
Director: Chris Fisher
Script: Josh Pate
Episode Cast: Rhomeyn Johnson, Stephen Jackson

Story Description
Beth asks Mick to help her photographer friend Morgan find her stolen cameras. When he meets her, Mick is completely shocked; Morgan is identical to his ex-wife and sire, Coraline. He becomes even more confused when his vampiric sense of smell tells him that Morgan is human, but the photographs Morgan took replicate the way in which Mick killed Coraline. As he investigates, Mick attempts to discover whether Morgan really is Coraline, and how she might have “cured” herself. Although Beth is reluctant to admit it, she gets a little jealous over Mick’s fascination with Morgan. Mick tries to expose Morgan as Coraline, but finally comes to believe that Morgan is a doppelgänger when he sees that she does not have the fleur de lis tattoo on her shoulder as Coraline did. When alone, Morgan scrubs away the heavy makeup that has been covering her shoulder tattoo: a fleur de lis.

#1.08: 12:04AM

Aired: 16 November 2007
Director: Dennis Smith
Script: Jill Blotevogel
Episode Cast: Gideon Emery, Sarah Foret, Mark Totty, Mark D. Espinoza, Paul Keeley, Mark Tomesek, Quincy Newton, Lorena Segura York, Aisha Kabia, Christopher Guyton

Story Description
Beth helps a girl named Audrey whose parents were murdered by a cult leader named Donovan Shepherd. Beth relates to Audrey as she recalls her own posttraumatic stress disorder from her own kidnapping, and realizes that the police never caught the woman who took her. After Shepherd is executed, Audrey gets a threatening phone call from him and catches a glimpse of him through Beth’s apartment’s window. Mick finds out that Shepherd was turned into a vampire by his priest just before his execution, and manages to kill him before he captures Audrey. While snooping through Mick’s property, Beth finds out that he was the one who protected her as a little girl when she was kidnapped. She finds pictures of herself in a file at his home.

#1.09: Fleur de Lis

Aired: 23 November 2007
Director: James Whitmore Jr.
Script: Gabrielle Stanton, Harry Werksman
Episode Cast: Richard Cox, Victor Webster, Kathleen Munroe, Marc Anthony, Chase Kim, Amayla Early, Bryn Early

Story Description
When Mick works closely on a case with Morgan, Beth grows jealous and decides to research Morgan’s background. While working one the case together, Morgan drops constant hints to Mick about her real identity. While working on the case, they share a kiss and Morgan later tells Mick that she is perfect for him, not Beth. After Mick saves her life from a speeding car, Morgan goes with Mick to his apartment to clean up. Mick joins her in the shower and finally sees the tattoo on her shoulder, revealing her identity as Coraline. When Beth learns that Morgan is really Coraline, and the lady who kidnapped her when she was a little girl, she goes to Mick’s apartment and stabs her through the heart with a wooden stake, not realizing that she has somehow become human again. Beth is the one narrating this episode instead of Mick.

#1.10: Sleeping Beauty

Aired: 14 December 2007
Director: John Kretchmer
Script: Ron Koslow, Trevor Munson
Episode Cast: Ian Abercrombie

Story Description
A dying wealthy man hires a hitman to kill Josef to avenge his daughter’s supposed murder 55 years ago. Mick investigates the attempt on Josef’s life and suspects that the hitman knows about Josef being a vampire. Beth does her own investigating for BuzzWire, and helps Mick find the hitman’s identity. The twin investigations lead Mick and Beth to New York City, where they discover that the dying man’s daughter is still alive but in a comatose state, yet has somehow not aged since the day of her disappearance. Josef reveals that they had fallen in love 55 years ago and his attempt to turn her into a vampire caused her to go into a coma. When the hitman arrives and again attempts to kill Josef, Mick grabs the hitman and kills him. Meanwhile, Coraline recovers and leaves the hospital after being revealed to be a vampire again.

#1.11: Love Lasts Forever

Aired: 11 January 2008
Director: Paul Holahan
Script: Josh Pate
Episode Cast: Emilio Rivera, Margaret Easley, Manuel Urrego, Shelbie Bruce, Luis Moncada

Story Description
Mick is enlisted by Josh to protect Beth when she is threatened by the MS-13, a dangerous Los Angeles-based gang. Beth insists that Josh, who has been working on convicting a member of the gang, should not drop the case, so he arranges police protection for her. When Josh leaves her building alone, he is kidnapped by the gang and driven away. Mick and Beth witness the event and chase after him. When they finally catch up, Mick attacks the kidnappers, but one manages to shoot Josh. Beth realizes that Josh is dying, and begs Mick to turn him into a vampire. Mick refuses, and Josh dies. Beth becomes engulfed in grief and storms off, leaving Mick behind.

#1.12: The Mortal Cure

Aired: 18 January 2008
Director: Eric Laneuville
Script: Chip Johannessen
Episode Cast: Meredith Monroe, Jill Latiano, Bitsie Tulloch, Lonnie Hughes, Jason Butler Harner

Story Description
While putting Josh’s affairs in order, Beth discovers evidence leading her to believe Josh was cheating on her. When she investigates, Beth learns that Josh was about to propose to her, and that the woman she thought he was cheating with was actually a ring designer. Mick encounters two vampires at his house who ask him to help them find Coraline. Mick asks Josef who they were, and Josef tells him that one of them was Lance, a rich and powerful vampire. Mick finds her at a storage facility working with a scientist on a compound for the vampire cure, and Mick discovers that Coraline is a vampire again. Coraline finally explains that during the French Revolution there were seven siblings of royal blood who were vampires, two of which were Lance and Coraline. She then uses the compound to cure Mick’s vampirism, but Lance arrives and, angry that she took the compound and put Mick into their bloodline without their consent 50 years ago, he takes her away to be punished.

#1.13: Fated to Pretend

Aired: 25 April 2008
Director: David Barrett
Script: Gabrielle Stanton, Harry Werksman
Episode Cast: Christopher Cousins, Ksenia Solo, Edoardo Ballerini, Victoria Pratt, Bonnie Root

Story Description
Mick is enjoying life as a human, although he reveals the cure is only temporary. Beth’s BuzzWire boss Maureen is killed after telling Beth she had an interesting story to pursue, and a new assistant district attorney named Benjamin Talbot investigates the murder. Beth and Mick launch their own investigation, which Talbot warns could taint any evidence and let Maureen’s killer walk free. During an interview, Maureen’s murderer, a vampire, kidnaps Beth and Talbot. Knowing he is helpless as a human, Mick asks Josef to turn him back into a vampire. Mick and Josef go after the vampire, and manage to save Beth and Talbot without the latter realizing what really happened. Afterwards, Mick and Beth discuss the problems of having a romantic relationship, and although they end up kissing, Mick tells her he needs time to figure things out.

#1.14: Click

Aired: 2 May 2008
Director: Scott Lautanen
Script: Erin Maher, Katheryn Reindl
Episode Cast: Eddie McClintock, Greg Pitts, Peyton List, Alex Sol, William Christian, Sean Wing, Lil’ Zane, Martin Spanjers

Story Description
Mick is hired as part of a security detail for Tierney Taylor (Peyton List), a famous actress who feels her life is threatened by aggressive paparazzi. Due to the death of Maureen, BuzzWire has a new boss, Grant Lewis, who tells the staff that he wants a scoop, regardless of its credibility. When Taylor is killed, Mick and Beth team up to find the killer, suspecting Dean Foster, a photographer who was obsessed with Taylor. When Mick is hit by a vehicle, Beth receives an email from Foster, containing photos from the incident. Beth goes to Josef for help, and although he manages to kill Foster before the photos are leaked, they find their way into the hands of Benjamin Talbot. Mick and Beth decide to start a romantic relationship, and go to a restaurant for their first date.

#1.15: What’s Left Behind

Aired: 9 May 2008
Director: Chris Fisher
Script: Jill Blotevogel
Episode Cast: Bonnie Burroughs, Mercedes Connor, Todd Giebenhain, Justice Leak, Anthony Molinari, Erika Ringor, Anthony Starke, Robin Thomas

Story Description
Mick and Beth investigate the kidnapping of a young boy named Jacob. When Mick learns that the boy was the grandson of his World War II buddy, with whose wife he had an affair, he realizes that he may be the boy’s grandfather. The man responsible for the kidnapping, Ken Verdolino, stalks Beth and attempts to attack her. Mick goes to Verdolino’s house and saves Jacob, but Verdolino commits suicide in the process. Talbot offers Beth a job as a civilian investigator, knowing she is unemployed after quitting Buzzwire. During the investigation, Mick contemplates the possibility of having a family and gathers a DNA sample to determine if he is Jacob’s grandfather; he later tells Beth the results were negative.

#1.16: Sonata

Aired: 16 May 2008
Director: Fred Toye
Script: Ethan Erwin
Episode Cast: Heather Stephens, Abigail Spencer, Claudia Black, Jonathan LaPaglia

Story Description
Beth meets with Emma Monaghan, a vampire who had sired the man she fell in love with so they could be together forever. Beth is surprised when she learns that Emma and her husband Jackson are still together after 150 years. Emma kills Dominic, a basketball player with ties to Josef and several other vampires. She is imprisoned, but she threatens to name every vampire in Los Angeles unless Mick breaks her out. Mick and the other vampires team up and help her escape, but are forced to kill her and Jackson due to treason, as she had threatened to expose her fellow vampires. Talbot receives a list of names of all the vampires in the area, including Mick, from an unknown source. Beth tells Mick that she cannot continue to date Mick because of their vampire-human situation, but Mick says that he loves her and they kiss.