Out of Bounds / Dead in the Water

Character: Louise Thompson
Directed by: Merlin Ward
Written by: Merlin Ward
Other cast: Sophie Ward, George Asprey, Michael Elphick, Julia Barrie, Celia Imrie, Richard Huw, Chris Humphreys, Kelly Salmon
Release date: 31 October 2003
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Running time: 90 min

Louise is a boarding school student in the midst of a passionate affair with the husband of her headmistress, Veronica. Jealousy and rage hang in the air of the isolated school until Matthew suddenly disappears. Fearing the worst, Louise struggles to uncover what has happened to her lover, but is foiled at every turn by Veronica, who seems to take a sadistic glee in the psychological torment she inflicts upon her. When a mysterious woman appears at the school, Louise in convinced that she is to be the next victim. Haunted by nightmares, both real and imagined, Louise must keep herself alive long enough to uncover the truth of Matthew's disappearance.

Story Description

18-year-old Louise is stuck in a run-down girls’ boarding school in the heart of the English countryside. Her only consolation, during the long cold nights, is Matthew, the American art teacher and second husband of the headmistress, Veronica Van Huet. Trouble is, half term is looming and Louise cannot bear the thought of being away from her lover for a whole week. So she persuades Veronica to let her remain at school, ostensibly to do extra study for her exams. The holiday begins and the vast Victorian building is a spooky shell without the other pupils. Louise and Matthew grab the first opportunity to be together, but in their haste expose in every way their intimate relationship. Veronica, despite her considerable hurt and anger, does not expel Louise from the school, as she is acutely aware that her husband is the one truly responsible. She is also keen not to have a row with Matthew as she needs him now more than ever. In a conspiracy with the school’s doctor, Veronica and Matthew are planning a major art fraud in a desperate attempt to raise money to save the school. But marital harmony is short-lived when Veronica discovers something far more painful about her husband’s love for Louise …

Sophia’s Role

Sophia plays 18 year old Louise Thompson

Quotes from Reviews


Thompson is played here with aplomb by Sophia Myles.

What’s on TV, 8 November, 2005

Sophia Myles delivers a strong performance as an 18-year-old boarding school pupil in an affair with the art teacher husband of her headmistress. A brooding psychological thriller, this makes good use of its limited budget and stages more than a few effective shocks