The Prince and the Pauper

Character: Lady Jane Grey
Created by: Mark Twain
Directed by: Andrew Morgan
Written by: Julian Fellowes
Other cast: Philip Sarson, John Bowe, Peter Jeffrey, Rupert Frazer, Elizabeth Ann O'Brien, Richenda Carey, James Purefoy, Virginia Beare, John Judd, Max Johnson, Douglas Reith, Sophia Myles, Jenny McCracken, Lucy Speed, Paul Chapman, Janet Henfrey, Freddy White, Nick Smallman, Victoria Gay, Miranda Forbes, Keith Michell, Richard O'Callaghan, David Schofield
Original airdate: 16 December 1996 (UK)
Genre: Drama
Running time: 171 min

Tom Canty is a poor boy from the slums of London who swaps places with Prince Edward, heir to the throne and the spitting image of his lowly subject. Trading places opens the eyes of both boys, but complications ensue when King Henry VIII dies.

Story Description

The Prince and the Pauper, Mark Twain’s novel about adventure and intrigue in the court of Henry VIII, has been adapted countless times for films and television. In 1996, a six-part miniseries version was seen in the United Kingdom. As ever, the story was predicated upon the astonishing resemblance between Prince Edward, heir to the British throne, and Tom Canty, the low-born son of a scoundrelly thief. Of the many subplots, the one taking up most of the screen time dealt with the combined efforts of Edward and Tom to restore the property and reputation of discredited nobleman Miles Herndon. The story ended with the hapless Tom, posing as the Prince, very nearly being crowned king in Edward’s absence.

Sophia’s Role

Sophia Myles plays Lady Jane Grey


Also known as “Koldus és királyfi” in Hungary and “Le prince et le pauvre” in Canada.

Was nominated for Best Drama at the BAFTA Children’s Awards 1997.