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  1. Good day. My name is Hubert. I live in Poland. I am a fan of Sophia. I like watching every movie with her participation. I think she is a wonderful and great actress. Is it possible to send the actress’s autograph? This is one of my dreams. Thank you for your answer.
    All the best. Regards – Hubert

    Hubert Kowalski
    ul. Wileńska 18
    66-520 Dobiegniew

  2. Dear Sophia, my name is Raman. Earlier today I was watching one of your hits and decided to google up your life and day when I reached your fan site and in there, I found the tragic news of your father passing to nCoV. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. May his soul find peace and the almighty give you and your loved one’s strength to pull through this phase of life. You are just 3 months elder to me so I feel I have that life connect with you, and so I am confident you will come out stronger, and your dad is going to be so proud of you.

    Raman Iyer
    Mumbai, India

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