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Birth Name Sophia Jane Myles
Born March 18, 1980
Grew up in Isleworth (west London suburb), England
Home London, England
Education GCSEs and A-Levels, was going to study Philosophy at Cambridge university but pursued acting instead
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue
Height 5’6” (1.68 m)
Skills Horse Riding, Skiing, Skating, Swimming
Languages according to the resumee on her agency’s website: German, French
Trivia has an exceptionally good ear for accents
Father Peter, retired vicar in Isleworth
Mother Jane, works in educational publishing
Brother Oliver (younger) is a lifesaving guard and lives in Cornwall

Early Life & Beginning of a Career
A Career in UK Television & Movies
Hype After a Dry Period
American Accent & More Television
Breakthrough in 2006
Recognition & the Hollywood Dream
Taking a break
The Comeback
Project Diversity
Back on the Big Screen

Sophia Myles is one of the most talented and natural British actresses. Over the years she has slowly but steadily built up a reputation of being a serious actress. By only accepting parts that she could believe in she was able to deliver outstanding performances in each one of them. Often, critics are quick to praise her acting – even when Sophia only had a small part in a project or when they didn’t like the movie very much (e.g. Underworld or Thunderbirds). This, combined with her intelligence, down-to-earth attitude and good character makes it a pleasure to follow her career. We cannot wait to hear what is next for this fabulous actress!!

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last updated: October 26, 2014