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Sophia Myles: Best of 2008

Another year is coming to an end. Already the podcast from last weekend was kind of a look back on the past 12 months and here’s now the traditional text & picture review of 2008.

Sophia Myles began the year relaxing and enjoying the sunshine in LA – during the writers’ strike induced break from filming Moonlight. Promoting the airing of episode 12 – which acted as a finale before the hiatus – Sophia gave an interview to a number of online journalists and bloggers during her break. And I’m sure we were all happy beyond words when she recorded her answers to the exclusive site Fan Q&A. That was definitely the highlight on! In February it was announced that the show would return with 4 brand new episodes in April and we were very happy to receive Sophia’s message to Moonlight Fans. We were treated to a number of more interviews when the show returned in April. Of course we mustn’t forget Sophia’s first ever US talk show appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on April 30. Unfortunately, CBS decided to cancel Moonlight in May and despite tremendous efforts by fans the show remains “kind of dead, completely dead“. Despite all of that Sophia’s lead role in a series on a major US TV network brought her some much deserved attention and won her new fans as well as a nomination at the SyFy Genre Awards. In August, Sophia Myles attended the Outlander world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland. I was very happy to be able to attend the screening and see Sophia as a Viking princess warrior. To promote the release of Mister Foe in the US we were again treated to a number of new interviews and Sophia got invited to re-appear on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on September 8 – only 3 months after her previous appearance! Messageboard member Kevin successfully delivered flowers to her at the taping (picture). Unfortunately, Sophia Myles has not started work on a new project since the demise of Moonlight. A looming actors’ strike as well as the current financial crisis mean less projects get the green light – and it has been a tough year for many actors who are on the lookout for new jobs. Sophia Myles is back home in England now and I’m already looking forward to what 2009 will bring for her career! Word is out that fans from North America will get to see Outlander on the big screen in January, while a UK release date has been set for February. Finally, fans will be allowed to see Sophia in a film that she finished shooting 2 years ago!

Sophia Myles: Best of 2008

Compiled by the Absolutely Sophia Myles staff. Please feel free to post your own choices here or at the messageboard.

Best news:
I was more than just a little excited when I heard Sophia Myles would be travelling to my country for the premiere of Outlander!

Worst news:
No doubts here! Moonlight getting cancelled definitely was the worst.

Favourite magazine picture/photo shoot:

We didn’t get any new ones this year. However, additional pictures from the 2007 Elle shoot got either published in a magazine or surfaced online this year. This has to be my most favourite Sophia shoot ever!
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Podcast – Review of 2008

Our 4th podcast is out! This time around it was 6 of us talking and for the theme we chose to look back on the current year. It seems every podcast ends up being longer than the previous one but that wasn’t really our intention. I certainly hope you won’t get bored listening to the group of us!

And remember, you’re always welcome to participate in a future edition. Information about it will be openly available to every member of the messageboard in the members only section.

Without further ado, enjoy what we’ve jokingly been referring to as ASMBMP (Absolutely Sophia Myles Boardmembers Podcast)!

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Sophia Myles: Best of 2007

What a year for Sophia Myles! After spending the first few days of the year finishing up on the set of Outlander she came home to London – taking a much deserved rest after the exhausting shoot in rough Nova Scotia. She then joined the Hallam Foe team to the film’s premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in February. Apart from doing a bit more of Hallam Foe promotion over the coming weeks it was a quiet time for Sophia Myles work-wise. Until the big job offer came: Joel Silver invited Sophia Myles to join the upcoming CBS series Moonlight! Less than a month later she found herself in Los Angeles working 6 days a week, and 18 (sometimes up to 20) hours a day. The hard work has certainly payed off: Sophia Myles has garnered much deserved attention from US audiences and we fans were treated to lots of picture coverage! Due to the writers’ strike however, production for the series went in hiatus in the last month of 2007 – but we’re all hoping it will be given a full season and/or be renewed for a second season.

Sophia Myles: Best of 2007 (click Read more to see full list)

Compiled by the Absolutely Sophia Myles staff. Please feel free to post your own choices here or at the messageboard. 😉 Idea inspired by my friends Riikka and Mycah.

Best news:
Sophia Myles winning Best Actress at Bafta Scotland and being nominated for Best Actress at the British Independent Film Awards – both for her amazing performance in Hallam Foe.

Coming in 2nd: The announcement of Sophia Myles joining Moonlight as female lead Beth Turner. It is always a happy day when I hear that Sophia Myles has landed a big part!

Worst news:
I absolutely hated coming across bad/negative reviews for Moonlight before it had even aired – and how dare some critics pan all of a show’s performances simply because they don’t like the series’ premise?

Favourite magazine picture:
2007-favmagazine1.jpg 2007-favmagazine2.jpg
I couldn’t decide – I love both the dreamy picture used in the Observer magazine and the classy pictures from Total Film’s Hitchcock photo shoot.

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‘Dracula’ airs tonight!!

Don’t forget: ‘Dracula’ airs tonight on BBC1 in the UK.

This is probably my last update this year – unless I somehow get the promised magazines & scans before. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Sophia Myles for being an inspiration to all of us. Her performances certainly enlighten the programmes we watch for our entertainment. Career-wise, it has been an amazing year for Sophia Myles. Congratulations!

2006 saw the release of ‘Tristan & Isolde’, ‘Art School Confidential’, ‘Marple: Sleeping Murder’, and ‘The Hades Factor’ on the big or silver screen as well as on DVD. Residents from the UK as well as from other parts of the world have been exposed to Sophia Myles’ magic. Additionally, her guest appearances in ‘Extras’ and ‘Doctor Who’ have proven that producers are not unfamiliar with her name and what it stands for: credible, natural, enchanting and passionate performances. Sophia Myles has been busy working on upcoming projects: ‘Hallam Foe (shot in Scotland March 27 – May 11, 2006), ‘Dracula’, which airs tonight (shot in England August 7 – 27, 2006) and ‘Outlander’ during the past few weeks in isolate Nova Scotia, Canada. This is certainly an exciting project as it will bring back Sophia Myles to the big screen in a rather commercial production.

Also many thanks & best wishes to you, loyal visitor: your appreciation of & gratitude for my work here on SophiaMyles.Org have been very encouraging. Let’s not forget my trusted helpers. You know who you are, everyone who contributed something, be it pictures, infos, big or tiny, your help is much appreciated. Without further ado: Welcome to 2007!