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US-DVD release rumour for ‘Colditz’

Thank you to Damian Lewis Com for the information:

Timeless Media and MTI Home Video through 2007 will co-release a series of films including Ted Danson’s and Mary Steenburgen’s Talking to Heaven. The companies will pool funds in order to acquire DVD rights to higher-profile properties than each could secure individually. Timeless will oversee sell-through distribution channels, and MTI will handle distribution into rental accounts. Two additional titles Above and Beyond and Escape From Colditz will street by early 2007. A total of six to 10 films should street through next year. (source: Videobusiness.Com)

And I have a problem with my email address. It should be more or less ok at the moment but if you’ve recently written I may not have received your message. So feel free to write again. Sorry!

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Sophia Myles weekend

We have ‘Sophia Myles Days’ coming up:

Tomorrow ‘Art School Confidential’ opens in New York and Los Angeles – with a wider opening next week.

On Saturday the Doctor Who episode airs on BBC in the UK.

On Sunday ‘Colditz’ airs on Teleclub Cinema in Switzerland. There are also repeats later on. See the airings for Part 1 and for Part 2. Also the pay TV channel Premiere in Germany will be airing the Colditz mini series next Wednesday and Thursday.