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‘Colditz’ airings

I found some TV airing dates for Colditz at Damien Lewis Group: Hallmark Channel is broadcasting the WWII drama. As of yet there’s still no date for the US. However it will be aired in Latin America on August 6,7 and 15. To find out times visit Hallmark Channel TV. And in the Czech Republic it will air on August 20-22. Visit their Colditz page.

Also thanks to Damien Lewis Group we have another Behind the Scenes photo.

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Colditz Screen Captures 2 / Articles

I’ve added all of the screen captures of the second part of Colditz. And there are two more Behind the scenes pictures.

And there are some scans from UK magazine You.

Transcripts of articles:
Blonde Bombshell, The Eye, March 26 – April 1, 2005
A Vicar’s Daughter in Hollywood, You, March 20, 2005
Shooting Star (The Sunday Herald, June 2002)
Love in a Colditz climate, Radio Times, March 26 – April 1, 2005

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‘Colditz’ Airing

Information from ITV TV Guide: First part will air on Sunday, March 27 at 21.00 and the second/final part on Monday, March 28 also at 21.00. The channel is ITV1 – in the UK.

Plot summary: First of a two-part drama, starring Tom Hardy as Jack Rose, a soldier trapped in a German PoW camp, desperate to return home to England and his girlfriend Lizzie. When a daring escape attempt sees the young man locked up in the sinister Colditz and fellow comrade McGrade running free, Jack shouts a final plea to him to find Lizzie and assure her that he will be home soon – unaware of the effect his request will have on all of their lives. Conclusion of the two-part drama. Believing Jack to be dead, Lizzie turns to drink in an effort to keep her nerves under control – but her problems multiply rapidly as her flat receives a direct hit from a German bomber. The prisoners’ morale receives a boost as they are sent parcels of unusual gifts – which conceal vital escape equipment. Sawyer finally returns to Blighty and quickly develops suspicions about McGrade, while Ullmann learns about Rhett’s dependence on morphine.

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Gallery update

Selene from the active Damian Lewis Group sent me some HQ promo stills from Colditz. Thank you so much!

I’ve put the the video of Ronan Keating’s ‘Love Won’t Work’ (featuring Sophia Myles) online. Download the zipped quicktime file.

EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)

The next update was announced back in October 04. It’s about Mobile Moments – the Online Star – Studded Mobile Phone Photography Exhibition. The exhibition, first launched at Photokina in Cologne on September 27th, is in aid of HP’s Digital Villages and Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres. HP has asked leading photographers, artists and entertainment personalities to contribute their first mega-pixel mobile phone photograph to the exhibition. Each participant was asked to capture their own ‘mobile moment’ – a spontaneous image caught in the moment. The result is a thoughtful, imaginative and sometimes funny look at what makes celebrities tick. ‘Mobile Moments’ is an interactive online gallery where visitors will be able to see over 200 celebrity camera phone images. They will also be able to upload their own camera phone images so that their ‘Mobile Moment’ can take its place alongside the celebrities. It will also be possible to vote for their favourite celebrity photo and for other visitors’ ‘Mobile Moments’. In addition, visitors will be able to see which images are attracting most votes from other users, and perhaps find that their ‘Mobile Moment’ is one that other people find the most impressive.

The gallery – featuring some of Sophia’s pictures – is finally online. I’ve uploaded the pictures to my gallery: Mobile Moments