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‘Spooks’ Series 9 DVD Trailer

Want to get even more impatient for the ‘Spooks‘ Series 9 DVD? put an official DVD trailer up on their website as a preview of the DVD extras. There’s already footage of an on set interview with Sophia and of her on the set in general – let’s hope for much more!

Watch it on and don’t forget to pre-order the DVD which is released on February 28, 2011 in the UK!

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EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)

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‘Outlander’ out on DVD today!

Today ‘Outlander‘ is released on DVD in the US! Be sure to order if you haven’t yet to see Sophia Myles in action as Viking warrior princess Freya & the – to be expected – fabulous DVD extras! The DVD should also be availble for rent at Blockbuster.

According to the Outlander fansite it is as of yet unclear when the movie will be released on BluRay in the US. However, it’s stil scheduled to be released on DVD & BluRay May 26th in Canada. A free DVD can be won on a contest over at

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‘Outlander’ on DVD May 19

IGN got the exclusive on the press release about the ‘Outlander‘ DVD. It will be released on May 19th.

The Outlander DVD will retail for $19.97 and include the following bonus features:

• Deleted Scenes
• Commentary by Writer/Director Howard McCain, Writer Dirk Blackman, and Producer Chris Roberts and John Schimmel
• Visual Effects Tests
• Animatics
• Production Design Galleries

And The AD noticed that the Weinstein Company has officially moved ‘Outlander‘ out of the “Now Playing” listing and to the DVD listing on their website. No luck in getting to see it on the big screen in the US now if you’ve missed it so far, I guess.

Remember, before ‘Outlander‘ is released on DVD in the States, it will be released on French DVDs April 2, hit cinemas in Turkey April 10 and in the UK April 24.

The French DVD/Blue Ray will be a 2-disc edition and feature the following extras:

• Making Of
• 27 deleted scenes
• 14 scenes (animated version)
• Special Effects

I have no other information about release plans for Canada or Australia. Look out for news on the Outlander fansite as this will likely be the first place to have new info.

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‘Moonlight’ out on DVD

Today is the day! ‘Moonlight‘ finally arrives on DVD in the US! Be sure to go out and buy your own copy or order it from Amazon in order to be able to re-live the many highlights of the show and to watch Sophia’s alluring performance over and over again. Visit the Moonlight DVD site by Warner Video.

Also Mick and Beth as well as everyone else from the show are coming back to your TV screens this Friday! Sci Fi re-airs the existing episodes as of January 23 every Friday at 9/8! Visit their website for Moonlight content as well as a messageboard!