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Exclusive Fan Q&A

Guess what?! I received Sophia’s answers to the Fan Q&A today! While I’m working on a transcript for everybody not able to listen to it and another surprise for the site I’ve integrated Sophia’s recording into the site’s podcast format and you can simply click the podcast player here to listen to it.

Thanks a million to Sophia Myles for taking the time to generously answer so many questions. I’d also like to thank Giacun for your help with the technical aspect of everything.

There were many questions and obviously Sophia couldn’t answer all of them. However, she’s answered most and you can listen to her for 17 minutes. I certainly think she’s done a fantastic job. So, what are you waiting for? Click & enjoy!

• Read the transcript here

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New fanlistings + Q&A kind of prolonged

You may have noticed that there hasn’t been a fanlisting for Sophia Myles anymore for quite a while. Now Mandi opened one about a month ago. Please join! She also has a fanlisting for Beth Turner and another one for Mick + Beth. If you’re a fan of the characters please join those as well. Here the links:

Myles Above / Sassy Strength / Twist of Fate

The deadline to send in questions for the Fan Q&A is officially over. I would like to thank all of you who have sent in questions in time very much! As I’ve said in my emails your questions are safely stored with me and will be submitted to Sophia Myles. I do know of delays, though. So I’m leaving the page still up here on the site. As long as you can access the page I’ll try to accept incoming questions still. I might be closing it any day now, though – without giving notice.

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Fan Q&A Reminder & numbers

Ok, this is a reminder about the exclusive Fan Q&A. You are all still very welcome to send in a question for Sophia Myles. It is really very easy. Click the link to find out more – but really one email is all it basically takes. Deadline is this coming Wednesday.

About ‘Moonlight’s ratings – they seem to get from quite well to better. So, here’s to hoping we’ll see much more of Mick St. John, Beth Turner, Josef and Coraline. Read an article at TVbythenumbers or over at Moonlight Detective. Basically, ‘Moonlight’ once again helped CBS win Friday night – and although the show came in second in its timeslot after ABC’s ‘Women’s Murder Club’ ‘Moonlight’ did win the 18-49 demo.

Continue to watch ‘Moonlight’ is all I can add to this. Here’s a preview clip for next week. Looks very exciting if I may say so.

Since we’re talking numbers here I have something else. Although October isn’t finished yet it has already proven to be the most active month ever for I would like to thank all of you loyal and new visitors of the site and let you know that your feedback is always welcome.

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Fan Q&A with Sophia Myles

Actually, the banner (credit: Sara Amelia) at the top of every page says it all, doesn’t it? This is very exciting for all fans of Sophia Myles! Instead of only reading interviews with her in magazines or online etc you actually get the chance to ask her a question yourself! This is not a joke and to find out how to send in your question click this link. You can send in your questions until October 31. Some time thereafter you will be able to find Sophia’s answers here on Absolutely Sophia Myles. Please send in as orginal questions as possible so the Q&A will be interesting.