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61st Film Festival Locarno

Even though the film has already been released in Latvian theatres ‘Outlander‘ will have a world premiere at the 61st Film Festival Locarno in Switzerland. It will be screened on the Piazza Grande on August 15 at 9.30 pm. And apparently Sophia Myles herself is going to be there. How amazing is that?! I will do my very best to attend and will keep you all informed. Stay tuned!

[edit:] And isn’t that new still gorgeous?

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‘Outlander’ at Fantasy Filmfest

Many thanks to the Outlander fansite for the heads up. ‘Outlander‘ will be playing at the Fantasy Filmfest in Germany starting in August.

Fantasy Filmfest is a huge genre festival that runs from August 12th to September 10th. At least 75 films will be showing in eight different cities, of which Outlander is one of the most recent announced. The Film begins in Berlin and Hamburg and then moves to two different cities after every eight days of the festival.

Festival tickets go on sale online about a week before the start date in any given city. It’s going to be neat to see what kind of reaction a non-industry audience will have to Outlander’s interesting mixture of Sci-fi, Vikings, action, horror, and adventure.

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‘Moonlight’ shines in the UK / Hallam in Palm Springs

It’s official: DigitalSpy is reporting that UK channel Living will be airing ‘Moonlight’ as of February 19 at 10 pm.

Earlier this month, ‘Hallam Foe’ was shown as ‘Mister Foe’ at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. It is supposed to get a theatrical release in the US this March.

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Sophia Myles part of festival’s judging panel

I just found this news reported by Los Angeles Daily Business News (click to read full story):

“The 2007 box[ur]shorts™ Film Festival, a yearlong short film exhibition taking place internationally at restaurants, bars, coffee houses and laundromats, announced today its new panel of audience and industry judges. This year’s line up of judges includes: CBS’ Moonlight actress Sophia Myles, writer-director Scott Prendergast, moviegoer “audience” teams in New York and Switzerland, industry critic Izumi Hasegawa, and the ‘06 box[ur]shorts winner, writer-director Kerrie Scher. …

“We’re excited to celebrate the many wonderful short films competing in the second year of our festival along with the audience’s responses to their creativity. Our line-up of judges, from the star power Sophia Myles brings to Izumi Hasegawa’s unique industry outlook and the diversity of every day moviegoers in New York and Europe, shows how box[ur]shorts™ is a festival where the audience makes the choices and calls the shots,” says festival director Giacun Caduff.”

To find out more about the very innovative film festival be sure to visit its home page box[ur]shorts [dot] com. And if you live in either Los Angeles, New York, Basel (Switzerland) or Hiroshima (Japan) why don’t you hang out in one of the festival’s locations – additionally to having a good time you’ll also be able to cast your own votes via the festival’s website! Which is also where, actually, we all can watch the films. Together with the Audience and Industry Jury votes, the most counts will determine which filmmaker is picking up the box[ur]shorts Audience Award during the annual event, this year held January 11, 2008 at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles.

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CBS Press Tour & Party

Thanks to Mariana and Chris we now have fantastic pictures of gorgeous-looking Sophia Myles at the ‘Moonlight’ Press Conference at Day 9 of the TCA Summer Press Tour as well as the CBS Press Tour – Stars Party. Many thanks!

I’ve also added some more watermarked [edit: now better quality thanks to Mariana] pictures to the Edinburgh Festival Launch – because Sophia’s looking so happy in them. You can watch a video of the event on the official Festival’s site here or download it in the Media Vault.

EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)

010 Launch of 61st Edinburgh International Film Festival Programme
006 Summer TCA Tour – Day 9 Moonlight Press Coference
019 2007 CBS Summer Press Tour – Stars Party