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Jul 2010
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Sophia Myles finished filming ‘Spooks‘ after 5 months this past Saturday! Now, we just have to wait to see what she’s been up to for a few more months – maybe the series will come back to UK TV screens as early as late September 2010! There are some pictures from one week ago on Facebook of Sophia as Beth Bailey on set of ‘Spooks‘ playing with Ed Hall’s cute

Apr 2010
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I know the month isn’t over yet, but I decided to add Fanart that has been posted in the board or sent in by mail this April. 008 Icons > by Chrissy 002 Icons > by Jess 008 Icons > by Liz 028 Icons > by Natalie 008 Fanart > Banners by Kevin, Jess, Liz, Chrissy 007 Fanart > Wallpaper (1024 x 640) by moviefnatic, Natalie 004 Fanart > Wallpaper

Mar 2010
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It’s been like forever since I last added all the fanart that fans have contributed in the messageboard and via emails to the site. All the gorgeous new creations are now in their respective sections! Please enjoy and many thanks to all the talented artists who have been immensely busy over the past few months! All kinds of pictures have been used for these: old and new pictures from photo

Nov 2009
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Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on the new layout! Luna and I really appreciated it. Speaking of which, Sophia Myles has sent a message to the website: The new layout is beautiful Mia. My thanks to you and to the fantastic fans for giving life to such a wonderful site. Love Sophia Thank you. How exciting! And to showcase how much life you guys are giving to the