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2012 Update

Well first let me begin with an apology! I am so sorry that I have been so long in updating the main site – I am currently in the process of finishing university so have the last few assignments and dissertation to complete and then I will be back completely to give this site the attention that it deserves! But enough about me! Let’s get on to the exciting stuff!


As you may have seen, Sophia attended a fundraising gala at Soho Theatre during March – there are some images in the gallery already but I do have a few HQ images to add in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for them!



There is also an interview with Sophia in Issue 446 of Doctor Who Magazine (Out Now!)

conducts an intimate interview with Madame de Pompadour herself, actress SOPHIA MYLES, who reveals what it was like to wear Helen Mirren’s dress, snogging the stars and confronting clockwork robots in THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE!

DWM’s The Time Team also re-watch of The Girl in the Fireplace and DWM have also compiled a list of people Doctor Who fans should follow on Twitter … including our very own Ms Myles!


It has also been announced that Sophia will be attending the Sci-fi, cult tv & film convention, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy which takes place at Peterborough Arena on the 12-13 May 2012 – You can find out more information about the guests attending and ticket prices by visiting the official website


And finally, I would like to also share with you all, the wonderful Sophia-inspired fanart calendars that have been created by messageboard memebers Mia, Cairine and Donna -I think we can all agree that they are absolutely stunning and I can only apologise that I haven’t shared them before now!

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New ‘Spooks’ Still And Yet Another Clipping

I replaced some of the scans added in the afternoon with nicer versions – now that I’m on my own computer with access to graphics programs – as well as a new scan from Woman. Also Natalie found the new ‘Spooks‘ still as featured in today’s The Sun (scan added earlier) in a nicer quality on their website.

001 Spooks (2010) > Season 9 > Production Stills
001 Scans from 2010 > Various Clippings

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More ‘Spooks’ related Scans

I added new scans sent in by Lorna and added some additional scans to the sets from yesterday, thanks to the generosity of Ali from Richard Armitage Net. Even if there’s no Sophia it’s still nice to see her new project featured on the cover of TV Magazines. Also messageboard member Felicia typed up those articles with Sophia-relevant bits. Thank you everybody so much!

Agents of Change, from TV Times, September 18
Agents of Change, from Total TV Guide, September 18-24

Beth’s based on a real woman, who I’ve met. When she [the real person] was 18 – and studying English at Edinburgh University – she was head-hunted by MI6. She was picked to undergo their fast-track selection process. It’s about two blocks of six months.

She meets Lucas and they end up helping each other solve this problem. Beth reconnects with Harry, who she met years ago, at MI5 HQ and asks him for a job. Lucas is suspicious of Beth because she’s from the private sector. She also tries to take the mickey out of Lucas and he doesn’t like that!

I sat down to watch a few [Spooks episodes] and I was absolutely terrified. I can never watch them late at night. They stress me out too much. I go to bed with heart palpitations!

Be sure to read the articles to find out more as well as what drew her to the project even if she hadn’t watched it before. If you want to remain spoiler-free however, I suggest you postpone looking at the scans and articles until you’ve seen episode 1.

006 Magazine Scans > Scans from 2010