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Some portraits

While going through my folders with Sophia Myles content on the computer I came across some miscellanous pictures I had not yet added to the gallery. Thanks Felicia for finding the (tiny) additional picture from an Art School Confidential session at Sundance in 2006.

002 Outlander – Artwork
001 The Observer Magazine Outtakes, August 2007
001 Total Film Outtakes, September 2007
002 Unknown ‘Hallam Foe’ Promotion, UK, 2007
001 Sundance Film Festival – Session 002

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Some new pictures

Nothing totally new here, but still very exciting. I’ve come across the un-tagged versions of the very striking Portrait Session for ‘Elle’ last September. I’ve also added the photoshoot for ‘Total Film’ – dated September 2007 as well – and 2 new stills for ‘Art School Confidential‘.

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New Portraits

First of all, thank you all soo much for all the lovely comments on the layout. I’m really glad that you seem to love it, there is no greater reward for all the hard work I’ve put into the re-launch! Le’ts not forget that the lovely graphics and colour scheme were designed by Samantha. Many thanks again!

While I’m still trying to finish the Projects section I would like to point out some totally new gallery additions:

019 ‘Elle’ Outtakes thanks to Patricia (looking for untagged versions)
004 ‘The Sunday Times Magazine’ Outtakes thanks to Riikka
007 ‘Hallam Foe’ Press Call March 24, 2006

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On the set of ‘Outlander’

A non-‘Moonlight’-related update for once. A while ago Aaron sent in 3 pictures of Sophia Myles as Viking princess and warrior Freya on the set of ‘Outlander’. The guy in the pictures is the movie’s executive producer Don Carmody.

And thanks to Mariana I’ve replaced the first 12 photos of the gorgeous ‘Hallam Foe’ Press Tour Portraits with larger versions. Many thanks!

003 Outlander – Production > On Set
012 ‘Hallam Foe’ Press Tour – Portraits

And because I can’t not update on someting ‘Moonlight’ lol: Please visit the newly opened fansite for Mick & Beth: My Immortal: A Mick and Beth Fansite!