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‘Doctor Who’ in the States

I’ve never really kept up with the status of ‘Doctor Who’ outside of the UK. So thank you to Aaron for bringing me up to speed.

Apparently, the 2nd series has aired already (incl. episode 4 also starring Sophia Myles) and has been available on DVD since January 16th this year. Buy Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series on Amazon.Com. The extras seem to be the same as on the UK DVD. Especially interesting for us: In-Vision commentary for episode 4 by David Tennant and Sophia Myles (and a producer), Outtakes and David Tennant’s video diaries.

I’ve added some more ‘Art School Confidential’ Portraits from last year’s Sundance Film Festival and replaced the Empire Australia Outtakes (2002) with HQs. Thanks to Kathy.

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Huge gallery update

I finally managed to sort out the many pictures that Mel and Kathy have sent in weeks ago. Many thanks for them, also to Josephine a big thank you for your contributions! Enjoy the many HQ pictures!

009 2003 – 9th Annual BAFTA/LA Tea Party
002 2004 – 10th Annual BAFTA/LA Tea Party
002 2004 – ‘Thunderbirds’ Los Angeles Premiere
002 2004 – ‘Layer Cake’ UK Premiere
002 2005 – Chelsea Flower Show
016 2005 – Viking Boat Launch (Lille Draken)
001 2006 – ‘Art School Confidential’ Premiere
009 2006 – ‘Art School Confidential’ Portraits
021 2006 – Empire Film Awards
003 2006 – Chelsea Flower Show
004 2006 – Glamour Women Of The Year Awards
003 Esquire Outtakes

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Some scans and outtakes

Sophia arrived in Berlin yesterday and started doing some international TV and press interviews (source: GetYourPeople). Today is Sophia-day (well, probably more ‘Hallam-Foe-day’) at the Berlin Film Festival! Unfortunately, I’m pretty swamped at the moment so I don’t think there’ll be an update on it here until next week. That’s also the reason why I didn’t even consider going to Berlin myself. If you happen to come across any live coverage on TV I’d be very happy if you could record it and send it in. And of course post any news and pictures in the messageboard!

In the meantime I have some better scans of recent Sophia pictures for you – and outtakes (it’s been a looong time since we last had those) sent in by both Mariana and bytheway almost simultanously. Enjoy!

003 The Sunday Times Magazine – The Class of 2007
003 Stella – The magnificent seven (The Telegraph Magazine)
004 Stella – Outtakes

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Gallery & Video additions

Mariana has sent in another photoshoot by Sean Cook. The lovely Kathy has found a HQ still for ‘The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby’. Thanks a lot!
002 by Sean Cook
001 HQ ‘The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby’

I also added more videos to the video page. An extract from the ‘Underworld’ Making Of, the rare interview for ‘The Abduction Club’ and some video clips from Sophia’s first big screen appearance ‘Mansfield Park’.

EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)