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Articles etc.

I recently added the transcripts of the following articles:

Myles High Club (SFX, August 2004)
Where to next, m’lady? (Daily Express Saturday, July 17 – 23, 2004)
Sophia Myles (Harper’s & Queens, January 2001)

Now, all the articles I have are also online! I only need to finish the transcripts of filmarticles.

I’ve added 4 pictures in the gallery, among them one donated by photographer Chris Heads, thanks a lot!

I’m going away on holiday until mid May. But you can go to the Messageboard to ask any questions concerning Sophia or to keep up to date with news. If you’d like to donate pictures, feel free to register in the gallery and upload them, thanks! See you!

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Gallery update

I’ve added more pictures to 9th Annual BAFTA/LA Tea Party, ‘Bruce Almighty’ Premiere and Los Angeles Thunderbirds Premiere. Enjoy, they’re High Quality pictures!

There’s a second, only slightly different picture for ‘Tristan & Isolde’: View. I’ve found an official promotional picture for ‘Foyle’s War – A Lesson in Murder’ featuring Sophia: View

I’ve found pictures of a photoshoot by Diego Uichtel and Mariana has donated pictures of a photoshoot by Sarah Dunn. Thanks a lot!!