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New event + gallery updates

Sophia Myles attended a new event! She went to the screening of ‘Dr. Who – Season 3’ in London yesterday. I’ve added some HQ pics. Over the past few days I’ve also added other great stuff to the gallery. Here’s the list:

007 Doctor Who Screening, March 21
001 Working Title Party, 2004
004 Hallam Foe – Stills
013 ‘Hallam Foe’ – Premiere, 2 sent in by Josephine
010 ‘Hallam Foe’ – Photo Call
006 ‘Dracula’ – Promotional Photoshoot, many thanks to Nicole
025 Various ‘Tristan & Isolde’ pictures, many thanks to Lysie Anne
003 The Abduction Club – Stills

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57th Berlin International Film Festival

The Berlin Film Festival is over and ‘Hallam Foe’ has been received very well! The various German and English reviews I’ve read unanimously praise the performances, especially of leading actor Jamie Bell. Some also call the film itself a film jewel. I’ve added some english reviews to this site’s press archive. The film was a favourite with both the critics and the audience making it a likely contender for the main prize. However, the winners of the Berlin Film Festival were all rather unexpected and unpredictable. Read more about it in the messageboard.

Still, director David Mackenzie won a SILVER BEAR FOR THE BEST MUSIC for the use of music in Hallam Foe! Congratulations!!

Watch some videos (if anyone is able to get the actual files, could you send them in? thanks):
· ZDF: Interview with Sophia Myles
· ZDF: Scenes from ‘Hallam Foe’
· Videos from the official festival site

Here some pictures of Sophia Myles in Berlin (many thanks to Mariana for helping me with the pictures, also to Aaron for your help!):
64 ‘Hallam Foe’ – Photo Call
06 ‘Hallam Foe’ – Premiere

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Huge gallery update

I finally managed to sort out the many pictures that Mel and Kathy have sent in weeks ago. Many thanks for them, also to Josephine a big thank you for your contributions! Enjoy the many HQ pictures!

009 2003 – 9th Annual BAFTA/LA Tea Party
002 2004 – 10th Annual BAFTA/LA Tea Party
002 2004 – ‘Thunderbirds’ Los Angeles Premiere
002 2004 – ‘Layer Cake’ UK Premiere
002 2005 – Chelsea Flower Show
016 2005 – Viking Boat Launch (Lille Draken)
001 2006 – ‘Art School Confidential’ Premiere
009 2006 – ‘Art School Confidential’ Portraits
021 2006 – Empire Film Awards
003 2006 – Chelsea Flower Show
004 2006 – Glamour Women Of The Year Awards
003 Esquire Outtakes