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Theatres showing “Outlander” as of February 6

Outlander” is being released in India today! Check out their official site for booking information and a lot more. As of today you can enjoy the movie in English & Hindi, other dubbed versions (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam) will follow next Friday, February 13. (source)

We received a new list of theatres that start showing “Outlander” in the US today. Not sure if any of those from the last 2 weeks are keeping it in their programme, let’s hope so. Everyone who hasn’t yet had a chance to see Sophia’s new movie on the big screen should definitely see if there’s a cinema in this new list that’s close to where you live as you most definitely won’t regret it! Be sure to read the rest of the entry for details.

Areas in the list include: Boston, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Cincinnati, Columbus OH, Las Vegas, Syracuse and Savannah. (source)

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“Outlander” – Exit Polls & Vote!

There is very positive feedback from those who were lucky enough to live close to one of the few theatres where “Outlander” was released last Friday. Read some of them in our messageboard.

Straight from the movie’s official blog comes the result of exit polls:

64% found the film Very good or excellent (the norm is 55%)

85% would Probably or Definitely recommend the movie to friends

59% thought it was better than expected (the norm is 50%)

70% would Probably or Definitely rent the DVD

56% would Probably or Definitely buy the DVD

Now if that doesn’t make you want to go & see the movie with Sophia in a leading role!? Maybe here’s your chance: this Friday the film is set to open in the following cities:

Mobile-Pensacola , AL / Knoxville, TN / Huntsville-Decatur, Fl / Greensboro-H. Point-W. Salem , NC / Dothan, AL / Cleveland , OH / Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY

You would like to see the film released wider? You would like to let the distributors (The Weinstein Company) know that there is a ton of people out there waiting to see the movie? Don’t hesitate then and vote over at the official movie blog!

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Help promote ‘Outlander’!

As you may be aware Sophia’s new movie ‘Outlander‘ is finally hitting US theatres this Friday. Yes, the same day Sci Fi is airing ‘Moonlight‘. Unfortunately, what we’re dealing with here is a very limited release on about 80 screens. At the moment there is not even information available on when it will come to Los Angeles and New York.

There will be more openings – however how many depends strongly on how well the movie’s doing in this opening week. So be sure to click the link at the end of this post to read the full story and see a list of all the theatres that will be showing ‘Outlander‘. If by any means possible, try to travel to one and be sure to tell all of your friends who live near one of the theatres to go and see Sophia on the big screen!

Areas with scheduled ‘Outlander‘ screenings: Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco/Oak/San Jose, Boston, Dallas/Ft.Worth, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle/Tacoma, Tampa/St. Pete/Sarasota, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Sacramento, Orlando, Baltimore, San Diego, Nashville, Kansas City, San Antonio, Memphis. More details below courtesy of the official movie blog.

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UK release date for ‘Outlander’ pushed back

Just a quick update to let everyone know that the previously announced release date for ‘Outlander‘ February 20 is no longer up to date. ‘Outlander‘ is now set to open in Sophia’s home country on April 24th.

This means that Outlander will now hit UK theatres the same month as Tristan & Isolde did when it was released there 3 years ago.

Source: Outlander fansite, Launching Films

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‘Outlander’ Release locations

The official ‘Outlander’ blog has been updated by the movie’s co-writer Dirk Blackman. Straight from The Weinstein Company he has the locations where ‘Outlander‘ will be released on January 23:

San Francisco, CA
Chicago, IL
Philadelphia, PA
Washington D.C.
Dallas, TX
Atlanta, GA
Boston, MA
Houston, TX
Seattle, WA
Miami, FL
San Diego, CA
Detroit, MI
Sacramento, CA
Orlando, FL
Tampa, FL

Finally, after too many years to count, the movie will be out there. So do what you can, oh ye faithful – email your buds in those cities, make some noise. If we do well, we might even get the recalcitrant folks at TWC to roll it out further.

And one last thing: go see it yourself and have a good time. I hope you enjoy it.