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US & Canadian Release date for ‘Outlander’

What the Outlander fansite found out yesterday in the early morning was later confirmed via

The Weinstein Co. has opted to hand down distribution duties for Outlander to Third Rail Releasing, an appendage of the company known for limited theatrical runs (see: Rogue, Eden Lake).

That being said, Third Rail has locked a release date of January 23rd. Company reps have not informed us how many theaters Howard McCain’s long-delayed period creature feature will debut in. A DVD release is likely to follow in the subsequent months through Genius Products.

Already last Friday the same Outlander fansite let us know that the film will be released in Canada by the theater chain Cineplex – also on January 23.

This is indeed good news in that the film will get a theatrical release in North America and will allow more people to experience it the way it was meant to be. On the other hand it is well known that Third Rail Releasing is The Weinstein Company’s distribution arm where they send all the movies they don’t care about. Also I don’t know how much potential there is for “Outlander” to do surprisingly good at the box office and prove the Weinstein’s wrong – seeing as Inkheart and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans will be released on the same day.

Check out the official website where a trailer is announced to come soon. Maybe a new version?

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Mister Foe – NY Times review

Remember, Mister Foe officially opens in the US today. Check out the Play Dates over at the distributor’s website to find out if the movie will come to a theater near you.

Make sure to visit this site here again later today to find something special to celebrate the US release.

In the meantime, I leave you with a link to a very positive Mister Foe review, as published by The New York Times (read). They specifically commend Sophia Myles for her performance:

And the object of his desperate, icky and fond attention is certainly well chosen. Like Emily Mortimer, who played Ewan McGregor’s dream woman in Mr. Mackenzie’s previous film, “Young Adam,” Ms. Myles has the task of turning a phantasm of adolescent desire into a real person.

Kate’s insistence, late in the movie, that she is just that is both superfluous and unconvincing. In her loneliness, her toughness, her perfect mix of maternal warmth and sexual adventurousness, she is at heart a literary conceit, an inhabitant of that realm of the male imagination where lust and sentimentality meet and mingle. But Ms. Myles inhabits the role with such crisp and understated wit that she manages to hold such doubts at bay. Common sense might suggest that a woman in Kate’s position should change her locks, call the police or move to another town when a guy like Hallam shows up, but somehow she never seems more sensible than when she does the opposite of what prudence might dictate.

The smaller performances are nearly as strong as Ms. Myles’s and Mr. Bell’s, even when the characters are a bit too broadly drawn…

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Small audio interview & more

After Tuesday’s press junket for “Mister Foe” the first interview with Sophia Myles has surfaced online. It’s an audio snippet and is available on Hollywood Outbreak. Listen to Sophia talking about the stigma that’s attached to vicar’s daughters and the sex scenes in this movie. Thanks Stacey for the heads up!

On other news 10-year-old Shelby interviewed Alex O’Loughlin for her website and he mentioned Sophia Myles when answering a question about who made him laugh on the “Moonlight” set. Listen to the interview here. (Allow some time for the site to load as there is currently an overflow of visitors to that site). Thanks moviefnatic for the heads up!

I’d also like to bring something from a post’s comments section to everyone’s attention. It’s some new information regarding the “Outlander” DVD rumour. Official word from The Weinstein Company (US distributors) is that there is NO OFFICIAL DVD date yet for the movie. That was just an error on the parts of the two e-commerce sites that listed it. In fact The Weinstein Company will be reaching out to the two retailers (Movies Unlimited and Amazon) and will hopefully have that erroneous information removed. Thanks for the heads up echorock!

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What’s up with the ‘Outlander’ rumour?

Ok, numerous blogs have picked up on the rumor and are claiming that ‘Outlander‘ will go straight to DVD on November 18, 2008. Now there has been no official press release confirming this – something which usually any official DVD release gets – and the only ground for it is that apparently both Movies Unlimited and Amazon have the DVD up for pre-order. Those dates are extremely unreliable however and are subject to change. Just think about how the ‘Moonlight‘ DVD was at one time up for pre-order in September and now we’ll have to wait till somewhen in 2009. Even the (possible) starter of the rumour Dread Central admitted to that, saying: “although several months back they [Movies Unlimited] had DVD release listing for All the Boys Love Mandy Lane that didn’t pan out.”

According to the official Outlander blog The Weinstein Company is contractually obligated for at least a limited release. So stay tuned for more information!

[edit:] check the comments section for further info! Official word from The Weinstein Company (US distributors) is that there is NO OFFICIAL DVD date yet for the movie. That was just an error on the parts of the two e-commerce sites that listed it. Thanks for the heads up echorock!

In other news Launching Films lists February 20, 2009 as a theatrical release date for ‘Outlander‘ in the UK.

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More info on how to see ‘Mister Foe’

The US distributor for ‘Mister Foe‘ has updated their website with some additional Play Dates:

August 22: Austin, TX: Dobie Theatre
September 5: Los Angeles, CA: The Landmark 12 / New York, NY: Angelika Film Center (6)
September 12: San Francisco, CA: Embarcadero Center Cinema / Seattle, WA: Harvard Exit Theatre
September 19: Chicago, IL: Music Box
October 10: Gainesville, FL: Hippodrome – Gainesville
October 22: Wilkes-Barre, PA: FM Kirby Center for Performing Arts

Additionally, there will be a Sneak Preview on HDNet Movies on September 3 at 8 PM ET, with encores at 9:45 PM ET and 11:30 PM ET. If you’re unfamiliar with HDNet Movies go to their website to find out how to watch at home, at Bars & Restaurants or at retailers. If you find a location you would like to see ‘Mister Foe‘ on September 3 I suggest dropping by a day or so before to make sure the specific bar, restaurant or retailer will indeed be showing it.