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‘Spooks’ Clips & Episode 5

I am leaving for a one-week vacation. However, Natalie will keep the site update when news come in. I only managed to finish some of the promised ‘Spooks‘ clips – find them on our YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to visit our messageboard to stay up to date as well as to talk with fellow fans of Sophia!

The description for episode 5 was released yesterday. Read it here if you don’t mind spoilers. It will air on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 9pm.

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New Layout & New Sitename

Welcome to the new version of! We have a new name Simply Sophia Myles! How do you like it? I think it has a better flow to it and is easier to pronounce! As for the layout talented Natalie from designed it. In honour of Sophia Myles’ “comeback” so to speak in the TV Show ‘Spooks‘ – of which I’m myself a fan of – I decided to feature for the first time in the site’s history a picture of Sophia “in character” in the layout.

I looked over the content on all the pages and everything should be up to date. I would like to point out the re-organized Biography which has been updated for the first time in 4 years. The projects section is at the moment experiencing some technical difficulties, I am trying to bring it back as soon as possible. Also stay tuned for the new layouts in the media section!

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Smile: A Sophia Myles Fanlisting

I’m very sorry for the lack of updates recently, but news about Sophia Myles has been slow since she’s ultra-busy filming ‘Spooks‘. Before the show starts airing in the fall I plan on bringing the site 100 % up to date – so stay tuned!

In the meantime I opened a fanlisting Smile: A Sophia Myles Fanlisting which can be found here. The gorgeous layout was generously donated by message board member Natalie! Thank you so much! Feel free to head over & join!

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Site Newsletter is back!

I finally managed to solve the problem with the site’s Newsletter. There were too many users registered for it – mostly spam user accounts though. I deleted all of them and installed a plugin to prevent spam accounts – and voilà! The Newsletter is working again! To be notified via email whenever there’s a new post don’t hesitate to register (again)! Thank you.

As before you can also follow us via Twitter or RSS feed to stay informed on all things Sophia Myles!

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Daily Mail snippet

This is a bit late, but I only recently came across it. When Tristan & Isolde was shown on Channel4 in the UK just before Christmas, the Daily Mail’s supplement magazine Weekend featured a small portrait about Sophia Myles in the TV listing.

Face Is Familiar, The Daily Mail – Weekend (UK), December 19, 2009

There is a problem with the site’s newsletter so be sure to either use the RSS feed or follow us on Twitter to be informed of any news and/or updates on