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Status Affiliates

I did a check up on all of our affiliates and added those that were still missing. The page should now be complete and only contain websites I myself like to visit from time to time. If your site is affiliated with Absolutely Sophia Myles but isn’t listed please contact me and I’ll add you.

There’s also a new site policy concerning affiliates. I can no longer accept small archive sites which offer few information and next to no news or updates about their subject. The websites in question were notified and deleted. I’ve also closed new applications in order to keep the list at reasonable length. If you’re already a friend of the site or have a Sophia Myles related website and wish to exchange links please contact me and we’ll see. Thanks for not applying at random!

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Photo Gallery unavailable until further notice

What a night! All of a sudden it looked to me as if the whole site was gone. 2 oversea calls and one email later I knew that my gallery installation was causing trouble on my host’s server. After I had made the gallery directory unavailable my account was thankfully reinstated. Until the still remaining issue can be resolved – I don’t know yet how long this will take – I’m afraid we won’t have any gallery. Thank you for your patience and understanding and rest assured that I’m working hard on finding a solution as quickly as possible.

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Projects: Partial Re-Opening

It’s been over 6 months that there has been no information on Sophia Myles’ projects available on this site. Truth is I had started this new build-up for the Projects section and the original plan was to launch it together with all the other newly re-designed sections back in January. However, I hadn’t finished in time and opted for a delayed opening. Yet time flew by and I still haven’t finished. So, I decided to allow public access to the section even though it is only partially finished. I promise I will soon finish the other sub-sections too.

Absolutely Sophia Myles • • Projects
Discover the various roles Sophia Myles has played in movies, on television and elsewhere
Layout by Samantha

Meanwhile browse around the sections Upcoming, Movies and Info. This also brings back the calendar and awards information pages. The new feature is an overview of films that are sometimes falsely reported to feature Sophia (Underworld: Evolution) or never went into production (Buddha’s Little Finger).

Of course only now can you properly vote which layout you like best. At the moment the results are: Photo Gallery 46 %, Main Site 26 %, Media Vault 12 %, Press 9 % and 6 % who voted for Projects even though they hadn’t even seen it. I’ve now deleted all answers to allow a ‘true’ result.
[edit:] It seems you are only to vote in the sidebar – so sorry.

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‘Outlander’ Trailer 2 – with Sophia!

I’m actually fully occupied packing my bags for a holiday (I’m off till the end of the month) but this is something you have to watch: The Outlander Fansite informed me of the second ‘Outlander‘ trailer – featuring also some footage with Sophia Myles. She also narrates the first part of the trailer! Watch on YouTube.

P.S. My friend Sandra will update this site in case of some major Sophia news during my absence.

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We’re back!

After some difficulties caused by a hacker attack and a virus the site is finally back on track! I want to express my deepest gratitude for everyone who was able to spare a few dollars to help me pay for the restoration of the website – as well as those who expressed their sympathy. I will work hard over the coming days to bring this site up to date so stay tuned!

It is really not something I take for granted that so many people helped me out so here the initials of the 12 kind people – I’m forever grateful to you all:
D.H., A.R., M.M., L.A.C., P.F., A.T., M., G.S., A.V., M.A., R.M., M.S.